My name is Juliet Capulet. I am deeply in love with Romeo Montegue. The problem is, my family has a long lasting feud going on with Romeo's family. My parents will never approve of my love for him and I don't know how to tell them that the other night we snuck out and secretly got married! Because of this huge ordeal we have going on with them, my cousin Tybalt threatened Romeo and killed his friend Mercutio. Out of anger, Romeo avenged Mercutio's death and killed Tybalt. Now he is banished away from Verona and I am filled with grief because I can't see him. Even worse, my parents think I should marry a man named Paris even though I don't approve of him. They feel that if I marry him, I will be happy and have no more grief over "Tybalt's Death." In reality, the only person I am mourning over is my love, Romeo.

Since my parents want me to get married, they have already planned a wedding for Paris and I on Thursday. I had no one else to go to and ask for help, so I went to the Friar Laurence. He is the same person who secretly married Romeo and I. But anyways I asked him what I should. This was his advice:

1. Go home tell my parents that I am in love with Paris and I am agreeing to marry him.

2. That night drink this special potion he gives me. This potion will completely take the life out of me for 48 hours the very second I take it. This potion will supposedly stop my pulse. I will no longer breathe and the pink shades of my cheeks will turn pale. My skin will have no warmth. It will be as if I am completely dead.

3. My parents will find me the next morning dead. They will then plan funeral arrangements and put me in the Capulet's family vault.

4. He will send word to Romeo to meet me at the vault the day I should wake up from this potion.

5. Romeo and I can run off and be together forever!

So this plan sounds great and like there is no stopping it, but the thing is, how do I know the Friar isn't lying about it? Maybe he is really trying to kill me so that his reputation won't be ruined for marrying me twice. This seems to me, the only other option rather than kill myself with a dagger so that I don't have to marry Paris.
PLEASE HELP! Send me some advice!