This Web Site is all about me pretty much. My school work for all my subjects is on here. Lastly my favorite sites are on here.  Enjoy the site!
Baseball Player, oh ya!            About Me
I was born 1992 on June 25th.  My birth place was in Melfort up north. Now I live in Pilot Butte.  I has lots of interests and hobbies. Baseball is my favorite sport.  I play golf, basketball and street hockey. My favorite food is fries and pizza every persons dream.  I like to listen to music, my favorite band is Blink 182.  I am in grade seven and i am really smart. I find myself funny and I am very nice.
Family and Friends I have lots of friends.
 I am the middle child of 3 boys. My mom is very nice and we get along. My Brothers are in grade 8and 3. they both annoy me very much. I have a lot of friends if you can believe it. My best friends are Lance, Sawyer, Derek, Dalton and Chantel. I have a few enemies and it sucks. My life rocks!!!