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Welcome to my Website!!!

Here you will find hundreds of classic video games for sale from my personal collection.
Drop me an e-mail on with your comments or orders and any ideas you have for the site, as this is my first site and I am but the learner!
Donít see what youíre after? E-mail me any game youíre looking for and Iíll see if it can be found!!!
If you see anything you like e-mail me the the list and formats and Iíll get back to you with the total cost including postage. Postage is based purely on the combined weight of the order and packaging costs and if you require insurance etc. Please see for more information on costs and services available.
Although all items are from my collection I cannot give a full guarantee as we all know the older systems can be very difficult to deal with (I know they all work and I know how to work them). Please bear this in mind when choosing postage as insurance is recommended. What I can do is on request of order is picture the items working on my digital camera and send this with quote where requested.
Have fun browsing, I hope it brings back many memories of years past.


PS Yes I know gamecube dreamcast gba etc are not retro! The site is called retro games sale because thatís where I specialize.
PPS Sega, Nintendo, Sinclair, Sony had nowt to do with the making of this site and in no way endorse it. If any of the aforementioned companies are not happy with images and/or text appearing on this website please contact me and they shall be removed.
Thanks to... Serif WritePlus for making things so easy to do, and Caz for putting up with the mess.

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