Tymes Past
Traditional Old Tyme Music
'Tymes Past' presents the music gleaned from the immigrants homeland and altered to a unique lifestyle in the Appalachians of the new world in the 1840's to 1920's.
'We believe that preserving old-time music is important to our heritage.'

Simple straight forward traditional music as it was once played and sung on the front porch or more likely in the living area of early American cabins.

Carl plays a long-neck banjo in the traditional claw hammer style, as well as the guitar and dulcimer.  Betty plays a three string rhythm bass and a 'plucked psaltery' or harp with the tunes from the 1850's. They often interact and involve the audience in the sharing of rhythm instruments such as 'washboards', 'wood clickers' & 'egg shakers' with toe-tapping old-time music.

Many of their Traditional Old-Time Music and Gospel Songs are now available on CD.

'We give God the glory in all things, and count it a blessing to serve Him.'
Carl Ross with his banjo and Betty Ross with her three string rhythm bass.
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