Lady Tee

Welcome to My World

Hey everyone, My name is Tyna, I am a 17 year old female. I attend Northern High School. I enjoy to live life to the fullest. I never waste time waiting for things to come up to me. I like to be spontaneous. I am a rising Senior, you know how class of "04" runs things. But ya know, what this year is all about GRADUATING. But feel free to Instant Message me( click the remote at the bottom), I love to have intresting conversations, and to the freaks not those types.
Now down to the nitty gritty, there is none, this page is here for fun nothing more or less, so you feel free to find out what I am about. I Dont have much to say right now, because this is my first webpage. I know it isnt much on this page yet but I am still working on it, so give me a little time and it will be at the right place soon enough.

A Lil AboutMe

My name is Krystyna, Pronouce just like Christina,I am a unique person as you can see by the name. A lil about me I am 5'4'' ,I am african-american, Medium Mahognay hair, brown eyes green whatever color, I wear contacts, but my orginal eye color is brown. Yes I am single, to be honest I really dont know what I am at the moment, the person I was talking to is acting a little funny and hasnt said nething to me in a min, so I dunno, so feel free to talk to me at anytime. I am a good person to get along with, i love to shop, cook, chill with my friends, party and of course talk on the phone, but if u want to holla go ahead.
~*~ Games~*~

Pac Man Bowling Pyramid
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