Introducing a puppet theatre that caters for both chidren and adults, THEATRE IN A SUITCASE, presented by the famous solo-puppeteer, Thomas Plaszky, one of the leading puppeteers of Slovakia.

Thomas Plaszky performs spontaneous live shows in which he works with the audience using a wide range of puppetry and theatre techniques, creative displays, acting and music. In order to perform his shows, he has created his own stage, a world that is hidden in suitcases. He aims to awaken the audience´s own creativity and fantasies through his puppet performances. His shows are performed through his skill in complicated puppeteering techniques combined with single transformation of theatre characters. Through his creative efforts the compact solo performances and one - men shows radiate their own poetic and expresive clarrity.

Theatre in a Suitcase produces programs of various types, from puppet shows for children to clown shows and variety performances for adults. All of the stage props have been created through his own artistic talent. Simple kind of stage performance allows for the show to be played in modest and difficult conditions, even in the open air. The variety of shows available present pleasant entertainment and an unforgettable experience for each age group.

Thomas Plaszky
has received a number of acknowledeged awards in festivals in Slovakia and foreign countries. He has been a representative of Slovak Puppet Art in Bosnia and Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Romania, Russia, Tunisia, Ukraine, Yugoslavia and several times in Austria, Czech republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, Polland and Sweden. He also performs his puppet shows regulary on television in programs for children. Some of the performances can be performed in the following languages: Slovak, Hungarian, Esperanto, France, Danish, English and Spanish.
Last update: January 15th, 2004
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