Anubis (created in Morrowind)
07/21/2003   6:00pm Est
Hello again, friends.  Its been a long time since i last updated this Site.  Sadly, Anubis has died.  (While reformatting my computer, the files for Anubis were rewound to about lvl 10 so we bid farewell to Anubis).  However, from the ashes comes a new hero, Anubis Maximus!  After learning from my mistakes from his predecessor, I now can continue on the legacy.  Also, ive added a Stories Tab which is currently under construction.  Ill have some stories to tell and keep you all entertained (i hope =P).  Remember, my Screenshots Library is skimpy, so i need more pictures!  Send pictures of your characters with their names, Lvl and Profession/Allegiences and ill post them asap!  The email still stands, however ive refurbished it and it should work properly now.

Send your Shots of your characters to

Hail Lads.  Anubis is back and editing the site for use.  Remember to send your pictures so i can fill up the screenshots section.  Also, im in development of creating a stories page as per a few requests.  Remember, send your pics and comments to
so you can show off all your hard work.  Keep kickin ass!


08/02/2002   7:00pm

     The Website is entering the final stages of completion.  I have updated the screenshots section with a few more pictures but i will need some more.  Feel free to send some new ones in!  Also, Anubis' Profile will be completed today.  Im also putting some thought into another section of the website but i could use your help for some ideas.  Feel free to send some in aswell, or contact me on the Morrowind Forum (Im Anubis_316).  Just use the link provided in the links section to get to the Morrowind Website.

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