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Last Update: 5/6/01

Founded: Y2K

Welcome to H.Q.T., the place where we hang out and plan how to…SAVE THE WORLD! My comrades and I have vowed to protect our own city and following the footsteps of others, we have created our own team of “magical crime fighters.”  Our four main team members are Rose, Ice, Angel, and me (Thorn). Located 50,000 feet underground, we are safe from any possible intruders.  My friends have their own sites too, but this is the one I host and my other interests besides “fighting crime” can be found here.  Okay, explore H.Q.T. at your own risk!

Himiko (Thorn)
Note:  All anime characters and art are uh.. property of their respective creators unless uh.. otherwise noted.  I take no credit.  nope. heh heh

Hmm... I HAVEN'T BEEN HERE FOR A YEAR... ehehe... THIS SITE IS OLD STUFF.  GO TO MY NEW SITE at  If I sent you here, I'm a dork.  Ciao.