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* SEASON 1 ON DVD! Did you know that Season 1 of The Young Riders is now available on DVD? Rumour has it that the rest will come out sometime, though no dates or anything.

* Watch out for new high profile Josh Brolin movies coming out in 2007. These include working with the amazing directors Paul Haggis, Joel & Ethan Coen, Ridley Scott and Robert Rodriguez with co-stars such as Tommy Lee Jones, Charlize Theron, Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. We knew Josh's time would come, didn't we?

* Shhh! searching for 'The Young Riders' on youtube.com might yield some nice results.

* List of active 'The Young Riders' message boards. Check out all 4 and please post. We love to talk about the show.

The Express Station Board

The above is the first Young Riders MB on the web.

The AYRF Message Board

The above is attached to the fan fiction site theyoungriders.org

The Writers' Ranch Message Board

The above is the most active.

The Lobby

The above is a movie message board with a Young Riders section. The owner is major Brolin supporter and it's loads of fun.


Last updated December 2, 2005
Note: April 4, 2007. I still love the show but not even going to pretend that I have big plans to update this site anytime soon. Do people even have geocities accounts and write html by hand anymore? Sorry to the few people who have sent in stories which I haven't posted. I've got a new computer and email address now and no longer have them. This site's fics mainly involve debauchery and/or slash. Look elsewhere for nice, normal stuff.

THE YOUNG RIDERS is a late '80s/early '90s TV western shown on the ABC. This is not an official site but an adult Young Riders fan fiction site. It is not representative of "The Young Riders" fandom as a whole, which is generally a little more wholesome. If you are under 18 or would prefer different kinds of sites, start at The Webring or if you want non-adult fan fiction go to www.theyoungriders.org

My new email insubordination@gmail.com

Read the updates' page

...or jump straight to the Fiction page or the Quickie fiction page which has short, dirty stories.

WARNINGS and such: This site has some adult content. If you are not an adult, please go somewhere else or ask your parents about it. If you are an adult, but don't like to read adult material or 'unconventional' Young Riders fan fiction, then this site is not for you either. Some stories contain sexual content and unusual subject matter that was never explored in the show. There are also pictures here from cast members' NC-17 rated movies. I have given each story on this site a rating and, where possible, a brief description of its content so you can choose your reading material depending on your personal preferences or tastes. If this site does not sound like your cup of tea try selecting one of the other options listed in the border on left (such as the press kits or another 'The Young Riders' site.) Now that you have been warned, I can only assume that you are about to enter this site because you want to so please don't complain about it later. If you have already been corrupted and this kind of stuff doesn't bother you, then please enter The Lair and make yourself at home.

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One of "The Young Riders" cast members recently passed away. Click here to go to the Riders Coming! memorial page.