TYE's '99 Honda Civic SiR
Back to above5500rpm
My name is Tyrone, I'm from Manila, Philippines. My passion is modding cars.
I caught the tuning bug when I went to the states to visit my mom, and met my cousin who was a racer back then. His crew was one of the first guys to hit 12's way back in '93.
My first car was a '93 EG 4 door with a turbocharged b16a motor. I blew the engine, sold the car, and got a '94 EG hatchback with another slightly modded B16a.
My friend started dogging me to sell him my hatch and finally I sold it to him.
Then I turned to the EK bodied civics. My dream car is an EK9 civic type-r. They don't sell the EK9s here in manila, they don't sell the EK hatchbacks here period. That sucks! Can't even make a pseudo type-r...
So, I finally gave in and got my self a 4-door SIR.(they don't sell coupes here too)
Well, here's a page about my latest car. Been Building it up for almost a year now, after i sold the hatch to my best friend. Got the EK used but in pristine condition. First mod I did was the filter and the DC header. Saw a Hyper-Rev Book about JDM Hondas....everything kinda snowballed from there...JDM, JDM, JDM.....

Iceman Cold Air Intake
DC 4-1 header
64mm Throttle Body
ITR Cams
ZSpeed Adjustable Cam Gears
Spoon Plugwires
Denso Iridium Sparkplugs
Spoon 2pc Headgasket
Spoon radiator cap
Spoon oil filler cap
TODA Flywheel
Fields Vtec Controller
5-Zigen Fireball Muffler
Momo Tornado Steering Wheel
Spoon Shift Knob
Recaro SRD seats
Some Pedals my best friend gave me
Carmate Cellphone holder my GF gave me =)
Sheepdog blue 3 way adjustable Coilover kit
Z-Speed Lower rear tie bar
Custom Rear upper tie bar
Raybrig HID H4 headlights

CTR pistons
Spoon side mirrors
Hondata ECU
Spoon 15 inch SW388
195/15/55 Uniroyal Rain tyres
Volk racing Lugnuts
Sunny Styling Carbon Fiber hood
Red/White Tailights
Clear Side markers