Welcome to the Comics stuff site thingy~!XD This place was my blog but I took it off becuase I'm going to make a new layout on another web thingy. So~! Now in it's place is where me and my younger sister put our joined or nonjoined comics so yar~=D Enjoy!


Fancomic for: Shaman King mixed in with my original characters
Genre: Gag
Description: Shaman King version chess that me and Chien played. Redrawn into a comic, all dialogue were actually present during the real game.
Process: Ty and Chien drew them taking turns. There was no particular pattern. Just whoever felt like drawing that second is the one who draws the panel. This fancomic was done a long long time ago atleast 4 months ago.


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Kingdom of Twilight

Fancomic for: Kingdom Hearts
Genre: Gag
Description: Random comic for my version of KH2, it was actually supposed to be super super serious(atleast the whole layout of the story that I planned in my head that time was). But when I drew it at 5 AM in the morning I kept on adding stuff and the story got farther and farther away from the main plot. So in the end it's a totally different fancomic...>_O" Oh and it started branching off right after the second page so yeah....X_x'
Process: Drew it at 5 AM in the morning... So it's really badly drawn and I wasn't too awake. Hence when I woke-up in the morning and stared at the fancomic, my only thought was "WHAT THE HECK?!"...


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Disclaimer: All characters belong to whoever they belong to, we do not claim them. But if you have any complaints. Email me, so I can do whatever you complain about.