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Welcome to Tyran's really crappy Eternal Fantasy help site. Here you'll find some mediocrely-written article-type things on how to get started in EF. Quality of all articles will increase depending on my motivation to go in and fix them up. Right now expect only brief summaries of things with little explanation. It'll probably improve later.
If there are any problems at all, let me know by mudmailing Tyran or Teia. I was also promoted to Esper level as of 01/22/06, so you can also catch me as the Esper Narol.
Note that in my levelling strategies, it tells you to fight things way above your level sometimes. These mobs are guaranteed to be killable at the level I say they can be (I've done it myself), but the key strategy is to know when to run and heal. This isn't UOSS, the mobs don't have high healing rates out of battle.
Oh yeah and this stuff was written months/years ago, I'll get to fixing up stuff that's now incorrect later.

Edited about the end of January '06: Holy damn this site got outdated. I think at one point I referred to what's now Bolt by its old name of Lit... yeah. I'll be going through and fixing things to update them for "newer" changes, and the like.

Anyhow, if you'll remember once upon a time (year or two ago, I guess) I had a "Don't piss off Asteri" label on this site. Really, don't worry about that anymore. At the same time, avoid irritating Valk. Trust me.
Getting Started
Newbie Levelling
More Levelling
How To JP
The Coliseum
Class Commentaries <-- Probably the most accurate thing on this site.
Intro to Muds for Newbies Part 2 (Part 1 hasn't been written yet)

Tyran's Games:
Knights of Armageddon FF6 Style - EF's very own Knights of Armageddon in their FF6 hack. Needs a SNES emulator to play. Very, very challenging. Based upon real EF bosses.
Malthor.exe - I actually made this quite a while ago for fun while taking a C++ course. EF's very own Malthor in a C-based RPG fight. Not the hardest fight in the world, but I put effort into it.

Tyran's Art:
Art page here.

Mort's Help - Cedus/Mortis ripped off my site, but he's a cool guy. Knows the game pretty well, and it's a good source for "second opinion" type information—you might even find it more helpful than my site. 1