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About The Australian Mouse and Rat Information Service.
What our aims are
Make the World a more Understanding place for Rodents and Rabbits

The aims of AMRIS are:

AMRIS ONLINE provides people with:Online Directory and Chat Group for Rabbit and Rodent Owners

Also... many fun articles like the history of rabbits and rodents in human society. The role of these animals in the many mythologies and religions of the world. A rabbit and rodent dictionary, for all those words you just forget the meaning of. Articles about vivisection, and other issues concerning the welfare of these creatures.


We started in August 1996 as a referral service for rat and mouse owners.
Then we added guinea pigs and rabbits to our concerns (yes, I know rabbits are not rodents - but they are just as small and adorble).

The welfare needs of rats and mice goes futher than simple pet care, as I soon realised with the large numbers of unwanted rats being brought to me for re-homing.
We quickly formed overseas contacts and made overseas members whom brought to our attention the lack of protection that rats, mice, rabbits and guinea pigs have when it comes to anti-cruelty laws.
       AMRIS saw a need to help fight for the equality of these animals, which are often seen as nothing more than pests and laboratory tools.
       There are thousands of rabbit and rodent species worldwide that play extremely important roles in the environment. These roles include seed dispersion, weed control, plant pollination, insect control and providing a food source for other animals such as birds-of-prey, reptiles and smaller carnivores.

       AMRIS began to provide a safe shelter for unwanted domestic rats, where they will not be destroyed simply because of their species.
       The Australian Mouse and Rat Information Service and AMRIS Online came about due to the need for more understanding for what I believe is the worlds most scorned creature - The Rat.
       Rabbits, mice and guniea pigs are included in our work, as these creatures quite often share the same fortunes and misfortunes as their cousin and fellow creature Rat.
Also,  because the four species make up a nice group of cute-n-fuzzie critters which many of us have enjoyed keeping as a pet at one stage of our lives.  

     Our webpages and online club contains plenty of rodent and rabbit related articles, and we are always looking for more stories, poams and articles to use.
Hence we encourage YOUR contributions.
      We are non-profit, and have small a non-kill shelter in Bayswater North, Victoria Australia.
We DO NOT breed any of these animals and we DO NOT provide any animals for food or experimentation. AMRIS is AGAINST the use of ALL animals in classroom experiemnts.

       Veterinary Clinics and Animal Welfare groups from all over the world provide links, articles and support for AMRIS and those who visit our website.
         AMRIS Online is more than happy to distribute free of charge any related materials such as petitions, important news, re-housing and adoption notices and requests for volunteers provided to us from animal welfare groups.

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