The SlashQueen's Court
The SlashQueen's Court

Welcome to the SlashQueen's court.

The SlashQueen's Court is moving. Hopefully we will be moving to Tripod, and as soon as I get the address and the site set up I will come back and post it here. Until then, please note the fact that my Sentinel site has been moved also and the La Femme Nikita site I have discontinued entirely.

Thank you for making my site so popular. It means a lot to me that you've liked my things enough to come back again and again for more, and I hope to keep your interest with the new site layout.

If there are any stories you'd like me to send to you in the meantime, please email me at and put "Story Request" in the subject line. Just email me the name of the story--or if you don't know the name the plot, and I'll email you a .txt or .doc file of the story, whichever you specify.

Thanks again,
Kelly (a.k.a. Miz Kel/Rae Sandburg)