Our Dearest Rudy
Our Beloved Rudy was cruelly taken from us on September 14, 2001.

We'll always remember Rudy and his love for others. Rudy was a very special friend to us.
He always made friends with other animals...from cats to hamsters to llamas, Rudy loved everyone.

Our beloved Rudy was murdered in Robson, BC by someone who mixed
anti-freeze with food in an effort to kill any and all of God's beautiful creatures.

Read what was done about it...

For a period of about 1 year before Rudy's untimely passing, many other animals had been disappearing in the neighborhood where Rudy was poisoned.
Peoples cats were not coming home and dogs were dying from
anti-freeze poisoning.
But still the authorities were just sitting on their hands doing nothing.

My mothers neighbor admitted to her that he was putting out
anti-freeze with tuna to kill the "pests" that were going into his yard. He told my mother that it was a "special cocktail for the cats".

When Rudy was poisoned, my mother took this information to the SPCA and I sent E-mails to the SPCA and the Mayor and Media regarding this.
The Mayor and Media did not even respond.

The SPCA basically did nothing. They went around the neighborhood warning people that this (murder) "might" be happening in their neighborhood and they should keep their pets at home just to be safe.
When they got around to the house where the poison was being put out, they asked
GARY GREEN if he knew anything about this. Of course he denied it. The SPCA officers didn't even take a look around his yard in an effort to find any evidence.

The Authorities should be ashamed.

Rudy's last day

How many animals have to be harmed before people are going to be willing to help put a stop to this?

Does an animals life really mean this little in our society?

What about the people that are paid to responsibly protect our animals. Are they becoming to complacent in their jobs? Are they only there for the pay check?

We miss you Rudy.
You are always going to be with us in our hearts.

We love you.
God bless our beloved Rudy.