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Steeped in history and dating back to the 11th century, Hope Manor is
a beautiful and unusual venue for vacationsfunctions and any other
special occasions. The present Hope Hall was the bailiffs court for
the Lord of Greenfacewho owned the house before the dissolution of the
monasteries by King Henry V111 in the 16th century. Subsequently the
great land owning families, the Earls of Abingdon and Berkshire - the
"Norreys and Berties" resided at Hope Manor until the death of the last
heir during the great war in 1917. Renovated during the twentiesand
thirties by several families, Hope Manor was occupied during the Second
World War when the Grand G&G used it as a dormitory for their staff used
it. Renovated during the twenties and thirties by several families. The
building was converted into a hotel in the late 1940's, and bought by
its present owners, the Edelstein familyin 1983.Miss Edelstein prides
herselves on the care and effort they have made to sympathetically restore
the building and its grounds.
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