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This site reflects my sometimes changing, sometimes long lived interests.

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Images of Mount Kisco , New York
The images are from old books, pamphlets, cabinets cards and postcards in my collection. When available I also have some notes to provide some context for the images displayed.
Images of Old Newspapers
In the 1830s and 1840s Hartford CT was home ato a variety of newspapers. I have images of some of them as well as of some of the interesting and rare advertisements for Horace Wells' dentistry practice. Horace Wells was a pioneer in the use of anesthesia in dentistry.
Ingmar Berman Movie Information
Swedish Director Ingmar Bergman is one of my favorite direcxtors. I like to tease my wife that the way to tell a Bergman tragedy from a comedy is that the suicide happens at the beginning of the film in the comedy.

Deleted from the site are images from "The Races of Man" I apologize for any inconvenience their removal may have caused.