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Original Music and Sound for All Media

Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast, soften rocks, and bend the knotted oak... Hug a musician, they never get to dance... The public today must pay it's debt to the great composers of the past by supporting the living creators of the present... After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is Music... What gives Music it's universal appeal is the very fact that it is at the same time the most subtle and intangible and the most primitive of all arts.. it can make a dog howl and silence a crying baby... Music expresses feelings that words cannot... Send your favorite Music quote to the email address below... There is Music in the waves on the shore, the wind in the trees and the voice of my love... Welcome to Showalter Productions. All original material copyrighted... infringement is futile... Music is as Music was... There should be music in every house except the one next door... There can be much virtue in a man's Music, even though there be little in the man himself... Live your life with a song in your heart, and happiness will follow you... Music is indivisible. The dualism of feeling and thinking must be resolved to a state of unity in which one thinks with the heart and feels with the brain...

Welcome to the home of Showalter Productions! Check out a sound-byte and hear some original music by the Showalter Electronic Symphony. Or send E-mail to us and request more info. Enjoy, and your comments are welcome.

Under Construction, visit again soon!

Coming soon: Wave files, midi info, tips for electronic musicians, more music related links and more...

Showalter Productions offers these services:

Some audio file examples (low fidelity for fast download, send email to request CD-quality examples):

Orchestral examples:

Spoken word examples:

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