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October 23, 2002, 2002
Heres the cartoon bono from the october 18th issue of Entertainment Weekly. He rated 44th in the 101 most powerful people in entertainment.

March 31, 2002

Well here is my theory on Creed trying to be the next U2 ... the evidence isn't concrete yet but there will be more exhibits to come.

February 4, 2001
Well there has been a serious lack of updates so heres some stuff for you to check out
Elevation Screen Pics
Where the Streets Have No Name Screen Pics
World Economic Forum Feature
Grammy Feature
Superbowl Feature

soul nation

January 21, 2002
Weve got new pictures from the Canadian Walk On Video. Over 60 in fact! Check them out here!

all that you fashion

January 15, 2002 has an online vote where you can vote for your favorite most beautiful TRL artists. Bono, being the TRL darling he is a, candiate. Click Here to Vote

January 14, 2001
According the the BBC in reference to this year Brit Awards "One notable absence from this year's list of contenders is Irish band U2, who won two awards last year including lifetime achievement award. They were recently named front-runners for this year's Grammy Awards." But i guess in an awrds show where Bob the Builder gets a nomination its probably a complement.

January 14, 2002
Irish rock star Bono (R) speaks at a press conference after attending the opening of the Extraordinary Summit of the Sothern African Development Community (SADC), January 14, 2001. The lead singer of the band U2 is visiting the country accompanying economist Proffessor Jeffery Sacks (L) to present a World Health Organisation (WHO) macro-economic committee report on global health needs to the gathering. REUTERS/Mike Hutchings - Jan 14 9:05 AM ET

January 6, 2001
There is a new Feature that is from the Ben Stiller Show where skits were done making fun of Bono and the guys. Go there

January 5, 2001
U2 have made 2 appearences on Muchmusics Favourite Videos of 2001. These are entirely voted on by the viewers. Here are there results
#31 Elevation
#67 All Star Tribute - Whats Goin On
#80 Stuck in a Moment

January 4, 2002
U2 have lead the way for the grammy nominations released today! They have been nominated in a kick-ass 8 catergories. Good job boys! They make me proud what can i say! Here are there nominations

Album of the Year
Record of the Year - Walk On
Song of the Year - Stuck in a Moment
Best Rock Performance by Duo or Group - Elevation
Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group - Stuck in A Moment
Best Rock Song - Elevation
Best Rock Song - Walk On
Best Rock Album - All That You Can't Leave Behind

Visit the Official Grammy Awards Website
Check out some recent articles about the nominations:
        U2, India.Arie, Boulez top Grammy noms

December 30, 2001
We have some great new pictures here that include U2 does much and Elevation rehearsals. We also have new pciture galleries from Sunday Bloody Sunday at Red Rocks , U2 on Saturday Night Live , Jay Leno , Whats Going On? ,and from the Mysterious Ways Video Captures

December 30, 2001
Bono, the lead singer of rock group U2, listens at the Commission on Macroeconomics and Health press conference held at the Department for International Development, in London, in which they called for a new 'Global Blueprint for Health', Thursday Dec. 20, 2001. (AP Photo/Richard Lewis)
Bono (R), lead singer of the Irish rock band "U2," listens to Claire Short, Secretary of State for International Development during a World Health Organization press conference in central London, December 20, 2001. As the World Health Organization presented a report on Macroeconomics, leading health and economics, calling for richer countries to donate an extra penny in every ten dollars of national income to get low-cost medicine to the world's poor. REUTERS/Ferran Paredes

December 30, 2001 has some great scans from the recent hotpress magazine with Bono and his son Eli.

December 29, 2001
Here are a couple of pictures from U2's first TV appearence. Heres a blurb from ---- U2
Great artists make their power obvious, even through a TV screen. Bono's exuberance and the Edge's grandeur were unmistakable when they launched "I Will Follow" in Tom Synder's Tomorrow studios.

one love one love

December 19, 2001
Welcome to the U2 info site. Browse the pictures page by clicking here and check out the new screen grabs from the sweetest thing and the one music videos. We have almost reached 150 pictures on 2 days. Stay tuned for more!

one love
December 17, 2001
Welcome to the U2 info site. Browse the pictures page by clicking here and check out screen grabs from the european version of the stuck in a moment video.

stuck in a moment