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Here you can trade U2 concerts. All the concerts I have are below, I'll update when new concerts come in.  If you would like to trade, I accept concerts I don't have. Just email me at

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Here are the concerts I have:

U2, 579, Unforgettable Fire Live in Chicago

U2, When We Were Young, Unforgettable Fire Tour, 10/30/85

U2, An Electric Company on Stage, Live in London

U2, The Complete Boston Tapes, War Tour

All I Want is U2, Rattle and Hum Tour Live

U2, Joshua Tree in Flames, 4/4/1987

U2, Rock's Hottest Ticket, Joshua Tree Tour Live in Chicago

U2, Memorial Coliseum, 11/18/87

U2, Joshua Tree Tour, Tempe, AZ 12/19/87

U2, New Years Day, Lovetown Tour 12/31/1989

U2, Welcome to ZooTV, Miami Arena, 3/1/92

U2, Outside Broadcast, 10/14/92

U2, ZooTV in D.C.

U2, Zooropa in Dublin

U2, Popmart Las Vegas, 4/25/97

U2, Meximofo, 12/3/97

U2, Shalom Israel, Popmart Tour, 9/30/97

U2, Stuck in Beautiful Days, pre Elevation Tour Live

U2, ATYCLB Promo Tour, Irving Plaza, 12/5/2000

U2, A Storm in Minneapolis, Elevation Tour, 5/1/2001

U2, Elevation Tour, Chicago, IL 5/12/2001

U2, A Great Thing For U2, Elevation Tour Chicago 5/13/2001

U2, Elevation Tour, Albany, New York 6/2/2001

Oasis, Magic Apple Pie, Live in New York

Pink Floyd, Venetia Night, Laspe of Reason Tour, 7/15/89

REM, Live in Camden, NJ 9/5/99

Nine Inch Nails, Live at Woodstock 94

more coming soon

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