This page is a home for the cyberdragons I have adopted from various agencies throughout the web...aren't they cute? :)
Birth certificate
This is Citron.  He loves citrus fruits and breathes an Unforgettable Fire, and of course he likes to spend his time listening to U2 music.  He's fairly laid-back as a rule, but watch out if step on his tail! :)  (Note: the link to this site doesn't seem to work anymore, and I can't find where the page has moved...if anyone knows, please let me know!
On the right is Balthasar, and the egg from which he hatched.   He is a very young dragon, adopted from the Dragon Sanctuary.  Curious, playful, and a bit silly, he'll happily bound over to welcome visitors to my site.
On the left is Reannan,  Balthasar's older sister, and her egg, also from the Dragon Sanctuary.  Her name means "star" in Gaelic.  She is something of a dreamer and a romantic, and loves to stay up at night and stargaze.
And finally, on the right, this elegant lady is Melisande, the dragon I adopted from Moonshine Hollow Adoptions.  A full-grown adult dragon, she watches over Citron, Balthasar, and Reannan to make sure they don't get into too much trouble. :)
Click on the button above to go to the Dragon Sanctuary, where I adopted Balthasar and Reannan.