Rogue & Gambit Fanart
Hi all, here are some fanart pictures of Rogue and Gambit.  Some were done at my request by members of Southern Comfort and the Gambit Guild, and some were drawn by me.  Please do not use these pictures without permission from the artists or I will be forced to personally hunt you down and beat you senseless.  Also, Rogue, Gambit, and all the X-Men are copyright Marvel Comics, fine print, legal stuff, yada yada yada.  Enjoy!

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*smooch!* *smack!*
Rogue & Gambit, ŠNico, 2001 Rogue & Gambit, inspired by X-Treme X-Men #7, ŠLindsy (aka Spas), 2001
The Southern Belle gone Goth
Don't mess with the Rogue!
A drawing of Rogue from X-Men:Evolution in colored pencil, ŠAnn Wain (me!), 2002
Another version of Rogue from Evolution, ŠAnn Wain, 2002
Rogue, animated
Gambit, animated
Rogue from the X-Men animated Series, ŠAnn Wain, 2002.  She didn't come out all that well, her neck is too long or something, and the colors didn't scan well.  Just look at her head, that part's ok.  I may have to try again.
Gambit from the X-Men animated series, ŠAnn Wain, 2002.  Gambit came out a lot better than Rogue, he's possibly the best thing I've drawn to date.  Whee.