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Welcome strangers and friends. This site used to be the home of Dan's Lonely World. But since Dan is no longer lonely, that name no longer fits. I moved to Montana a couple months back, and what a wonderful couple of months it has been. Mainly because of all the family history that is out here. I have lots of family here that I am truly proud to be with. Whats more....most of them are Irish. Thats right...I have some Irish heritage in me. Granted I'm only 1/8th Irish. But i feel like im full blooded. Add my Irish Heritage to my obsession with Dragons...and you can understand why I named this site. I have poetry to share... and I have stories to read to you. So step into my world, my lair. You may be surprised at what kinds of treasure you will find!

I also have an online journal that I write in almost daily. The link to that is Please check it out. You can contact me by using my guest book (below) or by E-mail. My E-mail address is > I appreciate any comments (as long as they are appropriate) that you may have. Don't be shy and write me.

I have now changed the site so that you can turn off the background music if you like. I have heard some people request this, and so it has been done. You can find it at the bottom of every page that has background music.

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The background music on this page was composed by Bjorn Lynne.

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"The Fairy Woods" by Bjorn Lynne

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