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Updated February 29, 2004

Bootleg Total:  359
Video CD Total: 8
Incoming: 28  

My apologies!!  I have been away for a very long time! I have just added 25 new shows to my list.  



Welcome to my U2 bootleg trading page!  This is not going to be a fancy page because I don't care, or have the time, to make a good one.  If you are interested in anything that I have, make me an offer - or send me a list of what you have (preferable).  My main interest is Unforgettable Fire Tour concerts.

My trading rules:

1.  Always use DISC-AT-ONCE (DAO) - I do not accept 2 second gaps.  This is a frustrating thing to forget!  Also, you must tell me about significant ticks between AND during the tracks!
2.  Use name brand discs.  Please!  I use KODAK or the best I can get at the moment.  PLEASE DO NOT USE SONY DISCS!  THEY DO NOT WORK WITH MY CDR DRIVE.  THANK YOU.
3.  Please do not mail using regular surface mail - this can take more than a month.  If I am broke I will use air mail (7-14 days), or If I am not broke I will use special delivery (7 days).
3.  I do not provide jewel cases nor do I expect you to.
4.  Send scanned copies of both the front and back covers (if available).  Or simply tell me if you do not have covers.  I scan at 300dpi so the quality is good.  This is not the most important thing but it is a nice bonus.
5.  Alert me to any problems with the concert, such as missing songs, edits, etc.
6.  Don't be a tight ass!  Nothing personal.  I am very easy going.
7.  Too many rules.  It is a shame that rules like this have to be imposed but not everyone wants to be upfront about the quality of their recordings.  Please be HONEST!

All of the information on recordings are taken from FLOM (For Love Or Money).  For concerts not listed at FLOM, I have used information of the people I received them from.

I am always interested in helping newcomers to U2 bootlegs.  I can be persuaded into just about any kind of trade, especially if it involves a concert from the Unforgettable Fire or previous Tours.
Here is my U2 bootleg list.

Colour Key:
These concerts are available for trade.  Inquire for more information on the recordings (clicks between songs, edits, etc.).
These concerts have a two second gap, or skip, and are unavailable for trade until they can be fixed or replaced.
These concerts are incoming.  Inquire about their availability.


Ireland/London Club Tour (5)
11 O'Clock Tick Tock Tour (1)
Boy Tour (38)
October/Pre-War Tour (37)
War Tour (30)
Under Australian Skies Tour (4)
The Unforgettable Fire Tour (66)
A Conspiracy of Hope Tour (8)
The Joshua Tree Tour (63)
Lovetown Tour (19)
ZooTV/Zooropa Tour (23)
Popmart Tour (27)
All That You Can't Leave Behind Promo Tour (3)
Elevation Tour  (24)
Compilations (11)



Interested in what I have?  Email me at jayalbrecht@hotmail.com

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