Hana's own page
Well hi!
um im Hana........im 15 an im from England!!
Um i love listenin 2 music an playin music!I love staind and Linkin Park an Alien Ant Farm and Sum41 an So Solid Crew-the list goes on an on!
I play 4 instruments an try an play piano an try and sing(im the worst singer eva!). i play violin, viola, cello and double bass!an sumhow i have them all in my house!Wot more is there 2 say? i got my best m8s and then sum more but i have foto's and a few pages 4 the gang!

Well i wuz born 9.4.87 in Leamington Spa:)Wish i wuz still there!
Um i have an older sister called Claire an she can be a lovely really, but shes a sister so we ain't allowed 2 get on.
The person i have known the longest is probably Hannah even tho we ain't in contact really any more, so it must be James!
Umm Fi is me best mate cuz shes just lovely!Shes kind and caring all the time an is there always if ya need her!Wudnt give her up 4 the world!I more thing is that shes quite sweet sumtimes.
Me otha really good mate is D or Dom woteva u wana call him! Hes flippin gorgeous!an im not kiddin!Babe i love you so much!your my best mate and ill be here for you 24/7 whenever you need me, thanx for always being around for me to cry to!

I have two gorgeous  Guinea-pigs! they are only about 5 1/2 weeks old-they are called Toulouse and Raoul.
i don't have any foto's of them together but i have one of Ziggy (my old guinea pig)with my sisters Rabbit Harvey and my old hamster Fe
Martin an Me!
Dom's bit.....
Dommy-the supa fit- don't say i didn't say so!
Even more foto's!
Harvey,Ziggy and Fern!
More foto's!
A small history of my blokes!
Song lyrics-from random songs that i love basically
My gals!- click on each to find out more!
Sorry no-one will really understand this but i saw it and thort of Fi cuz its so like her!
Holiday photos!
If you know any of us at all you should be able to tell me whos who!  the two below are what two of us would like to look like!
These are the class kids mainly from Poole although Erin will never be a Poole kid, JK is from Buxton and Nick is Welsh!