Xander Kane

 Terran Age:





         196 lbs

 Hair Color:

         Dirty Blond

 Eye Color :






 Place of Birth:



         Klingon, Vulcan, Romulan, Old Bajoran,
         Bajorian , Breen and Federation


         Lacross ,Pareeses Squares, Martial arts


         2346 - 2349    Betazoid Educational Academy
         2358 - 2362    StarFleet Acadmey
         2370 - 2375    StarFleet Command School

 Service Record:

         2362 - 2370    Star Fleet Marine intell officer
         2378 - Current    Intelligence Officer - Uss Cherokee


         SEC31: Classified
         Marines: Click here
         StarFleet: Click Here


         Only child of Xanathos and Lurissa Kane. Zander was an exceptional child, unlike other betazoid childrenZander developed his tellapathic powers in the woumb making him a child prodigy. Before Kane could swallow solid foods he was able to use his abilities to comunicate with his parents by thaught. as he grew so did his powers which lead to his need of a depravation chamber in order to sleep. The thaughts of others flooded his mind and overwhelmed the child.Kanes Father was The head of starfleet intellagence and was never a round. It was hard growing up with out a father but Zander some how found away. His mind develloped fast and he was enrolled in the Betazoid Educational Academyv at age six and gradeuated in three years . The first to do it so young. At age nine he was abducted and inlisted as child opertive of section 31. After nine t years he was taken to a StarBase andgive the Acadamy entrance exam. Apon his exceptance he was takento earth where he once again meet his father. Admiral Kane was not surpized to see his son had been acsepted infact he had seen to it. Zander excelled at all his classes. After graduating in the top 5 of his class he was recruited by the Starfleet Marine corps. Eight years of missons with the Marine corps ended when he was injuired durring a misson he commanded which ended his Mariane Carrer do to the lost of his Team. He was then transfered to Starfleet and was sent to Command School inorder to complete his training for his new postison.

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