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Val Rules, Vin Drools

Val Rules, Vin Drools

Val Rules, Vin Drools

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Thank You and Welcome to the The Unofficial F. Valentino Morales Fan Club. Initially I had decided to shut down the site, but then realized that I've built something beyond Mr. Morales. Yes this site started out as a dedication to him and his quest to become a known actor, but it has become more than that, it is about the fan base that I've created and built. Many women who adore him have passionately helped me get the word across the net about a struggling actor from Washington Heights, New York. Without my vision, their passion and my friends support & guidance none of this would be possible, and to take it away would rob Mr. Morales fans of his presence on the net. Enjoy the site and please feel free to visit the message board if you have any comments or suggestions.

20 Questions 4 Valentino

I think it's time for the fans to ask Mr. Morales what's going on with his career and his life, so I compiled an online poll of questions and here's what the fans wanted to know.

1. What is your next movie project?

2. Will you ever have a speaking role?

3. Do you think you could withstand a full length featured film?

4. Who were some of you acting influences growing up as a kid?

5. What's your take on relationships? For them or against?

6. Do you have any other family members that are actors/actresses?

7. Do you or will you ever write your own scripts for indie projects?

8. Has your One Race Film documentary been entered into the Sundance Film Festival?

9. Will you ever have a leading role in a movie?

10. What are your goals for the next ten years?

11. Does "Life Is A Dream," is a true life documentary about your life growing up?

12. Have you ever considered doing television?

13. Ever pass up a role you regret turning down?

14. Ever wish someone would offer you a role you know you could do?

15. Are you most comfortable in front of or behind the camera?

16.Do you think knowing Vin opened doors for your acting career?

17. Ever thinking about trying out Broadway in New York?

18. Is acting the only thing you've ever wanted to do?

19. What are you most passionate about?

20. What do you do to unwind and relax when you are not shooting a movie?

Val News:

  • Val was recently removed from the cast of The Chronicles of Riddick for reasons unknown. Another actor will replace and take on his role in the movie.
  • Valentino plans to take on a bigger role in a One Race Film entitled Life Is A Dream. It's a mock documentary about a man in search of himself by attempting to find his dying father who abandoned him at an early age.
  • The newely released DVD A Man Apart has deleted scenes containing split second shots of Valentino. Go pick up A Man Apart today!
  • Watch the Valentino related movie Men of Action by Todd Grossman at
  • Other News:

    • Have any fan fiction to share? Post it on the message board and get good and honest feedback from the fans.
    • The UVMFC Forum has two new Administrators! Stop Bye and say hello to Kocoshanel & Isis Malone. :)
    • If you have any news, pictures, screen caps or scans of Valentino and would like to share them with us please feel free to post them on the boards or provide a link to where they may be viewed.
    • The Valentino Picture gallery should be up and running by this weekend. Updating and revamping a new layout takes time so bare with me and you all will (dare I say it?) soon have a drool worthy selection of pics. :)