The WTC2 Media Hoax


Computer Simulation

How It Was Done

CNN Best Angle (Michael Hezarkhani) Video - "The Money Shot Files For Bankruptcy"

Carmen Taylor Digital Photograph - "Revenge Of The Money Shot"

Brooklyn Heights Photograph - "The Cheque Bounced"

Rob Howard Photograph - "Produce of Popular Mechanics"

Letsroll911 Photograph - "Let's Roll Another"

Robert Clark Photograph - "First Rate Fakery"

Anthony Cotsifas Photograph - "Here's One I Made Earlier"

Ronald Pordy Video - "Another CNN Gem"

NOVA Video - "A Very Perculiar Aeroplane"

Park Foreman Video - "Almost Real"

Unknown Video - "Flat And Slow"

Live Video - "The Skipping Airbus"

Evan Fairbanks Video - "A Bad Special Effect"

Pavel Hlava Video - "The Blinking Wing"

Cheney Hit Video - "The Wingless Wonder"

William Nunez Photograph - "Almost Convincing"

Gedeon Naudet Video - "As Real As His Brothers Video"

Jennifer Spell Video - "Spellbinding Fakery"

"Nose Dive" Video - Steeped In Contradiction

The Pod Illusion De-bunked

WTC and Aircraft Structural Performance Issues

UA175 Aircraft Speed Analysis

Available Tower Distance, Glide Slope, Pitch, Roll And Yaw Approximations

Videos And Photographs Showing Port Wing Anomoly / Airframe Symmetry

Witness Reports


Here's One I Made Earlier

Ginny Carr WTC2 Impact Audio Recording

DVD Sources Used For Analysis