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Indianapolis, Indiana
Welcome to the home of The Indy Chillers, and U.A. local 440 hockey. We are currently trying to set up a hockey team made up from  United Association members from the Indianapolis area. Our GOAL is to goto Hamilton, ONT Canada for the tournament they have been putting on for the last 13 years. It is put on by Local 67 and is open to all U.A. teams. The problem we live in Indiana!  Lets face it Indiana isn't known as a hockey town, even if we have had professional minor league hockey in town since the 1930's. So with that in mind we have opened the team up to anyone interested in playing hockey in Indianapolis. We are taking all levels of players from the beginner to the seasoned vet. Right now we are working toward playing local "C' league tournaments. With hopefully a few games with some of the other local adult teams here in town. We are also looking into playing a few games against teams from the surrounding states, if we can get them set up.  If this sounds interesting to you drop us a line at  The season is here, times a wasting IT'S TIME TO PLAY.  Hope to hear from you.
NEWS: ( Updated 10-02-2003)

8-20-2003: Hamilton, Ont. Our hockey tournament next year is April 30, May 1, and May 2. We have two divisions open and old timer 35 and up.

8-28-2003: Well the season is almost here and unless something happen quickly it doesn't look like we will have a team for League play. So we are shooting for just a tournament team to play tournament around the area. We may be able to set up some games with teams from other states, This would keep cost down for the guys who want to join the team but are already playing in leagues. This way we can build the team over the year and field a team next season to play locally. We are in contact with local 67 in Canada to see what the roster requirements are to play in their tournament. I will keep you posted as I find out more info.

9-14-2003: Two Members of Ua 440 hockey played in the REC HAVOC Tournament this weekend at Pan AM Plaza. They had a team drop out and needed someone to fill in, if we had had a complete roster we could have brought in the whole team. We played as the Pan Am team it was just a pick up team we played three games and lost all three but we all had a good time. Got to get out and blow the rust off after summer. It was a C league tournament something we could enter next year there was one team from St Louis there that we may be able to set some games up with also.

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The Indy Chillers
We are currently looking for games around the Indainapolis area or surrounding states
(please contact us at if you are interested)
We need players for a tournament in South Bend Jan 16-18, 2004
If you would be interested contact me ay
It is a 21 and older tournament, depending on the the make up of the team age wise will determine what age group we will play in.