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Hello.. i decided to update.. i changed the font.. cause i noticed that.. um.. well.. it was a different font then i thought it was.. i also just had to take done the image link cause there is no more image.. i changed the side scroll bar color.. and i wanted to link addicated to ian which is like a mailing list for ian fans.. i still find it totally amazing that even though young americans has been gone for a year or so there are still people visiting here.. i love all the fans of the best tv show that ever hit television. Well visit my new site Crush it is a person blog site with things for you too.. well.. that is all for now..

Welcome to my all new site.. this is my first fan site so deal with me..
LOL.. I love Katherine Moennig and Ian Somerhalder so much..
and the charaters they play on the hit teen drama.. Young Americans..
I'll update when ever I get the chance seeing as I love this site so much..
I hope you enjoy my site as much as I enjoyed making it..
--Save YA

I do not know Ian Somerhalder and Katherine Moennig.
I'm just a fan.

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