Muslim Student Association
University of California at Santa Barbara

The UCSB Muslim Student Association  is based on the campus of the Univerisity of California at Santa Barbara.
Our goal is to provide Muslim students with a space to share and enrich their Faith, organize events for Muslim and non-Muslims on UCSB campus in order to raise awareness of Islamic issues, to provide accurate information about our often misrepresented Faith, and to contribute support, service, and diversity to the UCSB campus.

The MSA is a registered UCSB student organization, affiliated with MSA West as of the 2003-2004 academic year, and works in close relation with the Islamic Society of Santa Barbara. UCSB MSA is not affiliated with any other organizations beyond those mentioned. MSA is non-profit, non-governmental,  and supported by UCSB Associtated Students and individual membership (quarterly) dues.

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- Muslim Student Association, UCSB
2006 - 2007 Academic Year

MSA-West Delegate
Funmi Salami

Khalida Mansoory

Vice President
Fariha Mansoory

Sohrab Ghassemi

Social Chair
Shabana Wadalawala

MSA-West Delegate
Abdur-Rahman Bazzano
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