Meditation Retreat in the Forest

Vipassana, Mindfulness, Insight Development with Metta Loving Kindness Meditation
General Information:
Open for anyone who is willing to practice and learn Vipassana insight meditation

Minimum 10 days course
Noble silence
Simple accommodation
Meals twice a day (vegetarian)
Eight precepts (no food after noon included)
Dress white clothes
Instructions in English (from foreign monk)
Bring with you digital alarm clock or timer that will be able to set for five    minutes and up
Bring with you a flash light
Bring with you Photocopy of your passport

Place: :::Thailand :::
NHONGPHAKAU Meditation Center

It is located in Khunyuam District between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son

For More Information Please Contact
Udi Lyon Tel. 086-2060638 :