Mrs Hawaii Filipina Scholarship Pageant 2005-2006

Susan Paulo Clemente

       Married to Dennis Clemente Children: Julie Ann, Roland James, Kristyne Schae, & Kaitlyn Mae Employment: Medical Assistant Service Specialist at Central Pacific Bank Legacy of Family Values: The Sakadas inculcated in their young the values of faith, charity and respect for elders. They brought with them strong family ties.

Vangie Malaqui Burcena

       Married to the late Rodolfo Cabalquinto Children: RCII, Rio Christy, & Veronica Paula Education: Bachelor of Arts, RN-BSN, PT-LMT Employment: St. Francis Medical Center, Family Injury Center, Madara Spa Legacy of Hard Work: The pioneers were hardworking people. Even today, Filipinos are regarded as the most hardworking and ethical in the workforce.

Reyna Padilla Rahman

       Married to Dr. Inam Rahman, MD Children: Aisha & Mateen Education: Associate in Nursing, Cosmetology Employment: Office Manager, Beauty Consultant Legacy of Perseverance. The fifteen who led the way were persistent in pursuing their dreams of a good life. This spirit paid off with having a Filipino Governor years later.

Kathleen Aguilar Guillen

       Married to Jimmy Guillen Children: Kryzen Choe Education: BS in Computer Science Employment: Owner/Manager, KC Movie Arts Entertainment Legacy in Education: The first Filipino immigrants believed that education is the passport to the future. Tomorrow belongs to those who value higher learning thereby assuring their place in the sun.

Madelyne P. Pascua

       Married to Ray Pascua Children: Paul, Katrina, & Michella Education: BS in Hotel & Tourism Management Employment: Business Manager, Christ the King Church/School Legacy of Resilience: The original Filipino Settlers were pliant like the bamboo. They rose above and beyond the adversities that came with the new challenges.

Acknowledgement: Iluko.Com for the tally and casting of people's choice votes in its site.

UPDATE: Mrs.Kathleen Aguilar Guillen is the winner of the People's choice Mrs. Hawaii Filipina 2005 for garnering the most Internet votes.

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