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Additional Resources
 Physics 211 Answers this site has answers to some Physics 211 homeworks
 Physics 212 Answers this site has answers Physics 212 homeworks
 UIUC Physics Helper this site has some Physics 213, and all of Physics 214 (you input your numbers, and this outputs the answer)
 Physics 214 Equation Sheet Explanations explanations for all the equations on the Physics 214 Equation sheets

Physics 212
 Homework 11: AC Circuits and EM Waves
 Homework 12: Polarization, Reflection, Refraction
 Homework 13: Mirrors and Lenses

Physics 213
 Homework 1: Internal Energies of Solids and Gases, First Law, Equipartition
 Homework 2: Heat Capacity, Isothermal and Adiabatic Work, Heat Cycle
 Homework 3: Counting Microstates, Maximizing Entropy, Binomial Systems, Diffusion, Carnot Cycle
 Homework 4: Harmonic Oscillators, Thermal Equilibrium, Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution
 Homework 5: Heat, Entropy and Free Energy, Adiabatic Processes, Heat Engines
 Homework 6: Atmospheric Pressure, Surfaces, Semiconductors, Phase Transition

Physics 214
 Homework 1: Wave Review and Interference
 Homework 2: Interference and Diffraction
 Homework 3: Introductory Quantum Physics
 Homework 4: Finite Potential Wells and Tunnelling
 Homework 5: Superposition, Tunneling, and the Uncertainty Principle
 Homework 6: The Hydrogen Atom and Angular Momentum

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