The Niiyama Shiho Memorial Site
9th Anniversary - February 7th, 2009

Shiho Niiyama, the voice actress who provided the talent of Seiya Kou, one of the 3 Sailor Stars in Sailor Moon, entered immortality in 2000. Her death caused shockwaves for anime fans, and tears for those of us who met her. This page has been placed here by the staff of UKSMFC as a tribute to her talents and in the hope that other people will never forget her tragic and untimely passing.

Shiho left us 9 years ago today. I think it was because she was so beautiful, the kami realised they had made a mistake, and wanted her back...When I listen to her, even now, I cry. Time has taken from us, what we should never forget. She is an angel, resting among the stars.

From heaven, may you shine on us always.

Sayaonara, beautiful star. The light of hope is yours...

The book of messages is still open, and will remain so. They will be printed out and forwarded to Shiho's agent, to be passed to her family every six months. If you wish to see what has already been entered there, please use This Link to view current messages. The old one is open to read only at this link.

The piece of music you are listening to is called Unmei wa Utsukushiku (Fate is so beautiful). It was one of shiho's fave piece and I felt it would be nice to have here.

I would also appreciate it if you would go and visit another Shiho-sama Memorial site: the link belongs to DianaKou, who very kindly signed into the Memorial book. Her link is to the left - Please click. There is also a Fanfic in memory of Shiho-sama. Please click the last evolution button to read it. It is called "Without You".

As another day closes, and another anniversary passes, I would like to ask you to stop, think and remember Shiho. One star, twinkling away in a galaxy of thousands.

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