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Decided to do this site , cos i am bored , Yahoo chat is fooked up         And i can't find anything better to do , so i thought i would throw a few links on here of some useful things i have found when i have been skulkin around
This page will take you to some really boring pictures of me , incase you dont know who i am
Drop me a line in my guestbook , tell me of anything interesting i can add to here
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E-mail me if u must , incase you dont want anyone else seeing wot you have written
Oh Yeah ! i have to say thankyou to the girl who made these backgrounds , i thought they were lovely so i borrowed them if u click this link will take you to her site where she has loads more
Truckie's site dedicated to Stella
You will need this if you  are using yahoo chat .
Play yahoo games ? then use this its great !
Me m8 Eyes built this site based on room 10 users , have a look will ya
Looking for free programms ? well have a look here , you be suprised wot ya will find
This is a great site if you are lookin for gif files , backgrounds etc ...
Ellooooooooooooooooooooo Grant
Take a look in here it's a site dedicated to Grant and all the other guy's servin in the Gulf
My first site