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Set in the sprawling Glendarroch Estate, this soap follows the lives in rural Scotland.

uk_soaps have had an official update from the makers of 'High Road', Scottish Television whish states:

Scottish Television has made enough episodes of High Road to see us through to March of next year at our current rate of transmission. We will resume screening of High Road on 2nd September 2002.

Over the next few months we will be making decisions about all of our regional programmes and High Road will of course be included in our discussions.

High Road is a programme which has served us well and we are still proud to transmit it. We are one of the few ITV companies which makes regional drama and that is important to us.

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Scottish Television 1980-2003

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Take the High Road by Gerry Burke

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I really loved take the high road, I watched as a girl in the early 80's. I loved the old fashionedness of the show and the local village characters of the show. There was'nt a show like it, and I used to watch it all the time never missing a episode. Television today is rubbish. We need more good old fashioned programmes like take the high road. When I mean old fashioned it is in a lovely way a beautiful way. Please Please bring back this great show with all the old characters and don't change anything. While we are waiting for the show to come back. Please let us see all the old repeats. Instead of ITV bringing silly shows like make over shows. Take the high road should return.
Nasra - 23/04/06

Good morning from Deception Bay, Queensland, Australia:
Just had another look at your excellent website for Take the High Road. Great to see an entry for this year and from someone associated with the show, no less! Keep us posted Simon!
We've been seeing repeats (more like "threepeats") of an Australian soap, 'Something in the Air' - what's in the air is not a patch on TTHR. Sigh.
Perhaps, just maybe perhaps, when 'Something' runs is course, we might get lucky and see some more of TTHR - it's possible if all the fans email/sign the guest book at the ABC TV website. We've gotta remind them that the flurry of disappointment a year ago has not died out and we're not happy with the almost-drivel they replaced TTHR with.
Elaine and Elaine - 22/06/05

Hi folks
I was an actor in High Road from 1995/2003 and was as shocked as you were when the show was cancelled. All of us were and have been angry about it ever since. I am determined to have it restarted at some point and get it available on DVD at least in the meantime. So please don't give up hope,our expat fans are what keeps us all going!
I was delighted when I did a google search today and found your site and will start a HIGH Rd website to let you all know what the future holds. Thank you for all your kind words and blitzkeig ABC with emails in protest!!
lots of love from Glendarroch
your friend
Simon Weir
(Paul Lafferty - High Road) - ##/03/05

I have just finished reading all the e-mails concerning the removal of Take The High Road by ABC TV Australia. I thought I was the only one who loved this show so very much. As a stay at home mother, this was the time I sat down during my busy day to escape while I had my lunch. This show with its non-violent, peaceful and pleasant story-lines was an escape from the everyday violent & depressing rubbish we are provided with on other programs. I e-mailed ABC TV voicing my displeasure & disbelief that they could just wipe a show on a whim without consideration for the many fans that were dedicated to this show and I received the standard e-mail reply that everyone must have. I hope they come to their senses and start showing Take The High Road again. As I can now see I am not the only fan of this wonderful show.
Jill - 26/08/04

I have just found the website which directed me to your address to air my views on this programme. Well, to say I am still feeling a void in my day since its removal from the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) is an understatement! (Yes, I do lead a very full and busy life - just an aside to those who may be thinking 'Get a life!') I was absolutely hooked on this show and so were many of my friends - young and old. I wasted no time in e-mailing the ABC, but I got the standard reply that most other people got - they had no intentions of returning the series for the time being. I visited Scotland two years ago after an absence of thirty-one years and had great pleasure in discovering Luss village as an adult. My uncle and aunt live there and my cousin was married in the local church (often featured in the show). Apparently the production crew even borrowed my uncle's piano for one of the early episodes! At the time of my visit, I hadn't even seen the show, so it was a real treat when I got back to Perth and my parents told me about it. From the first time I watched it I absolutely loved it. I felt I was having a daily trip back to Scotland. My 20 year old Aussie son actually climbed Ben Lomond just before we got there and every time I saw the vista of this beautiful mountain at the start of the show I used to think of my lovely boy (living in Melbourne now)! OK, enough rambling from me - the upshot of this whole e-mail is that I miss 'Take the High Road' and I want it back on! Is there anything anyone can do?
Kind regards
Caroline, Perth, Western Australia - 18/08/04

Greetin's from Detroit
We all watched this great show on CBS Windsor in Canada which we could pickup in Detroit. Some how it was cancelled and among the thousands of Scot exiles in the Detroit Michigan and Ohio region we were as the BIG yin says SHOCKED AND STUNNED.
Imagine, the only Scottish native show to be wiped off the air and replaced with a sassenach example of pure TRIPE , made my blood boil. I do know for a fact that theres not as much cross-border shopping anymore because of this.So this leads to the question why are there no DVD's on this fine show (MABYE CANUCKS RUN THIS TOO) End this conspiracy now got "the high road" on video NOW-IMMEDIATELY pretty please your friend in the US.
Bill Borland.........slange - 27/07/04

hi there once more from Deception Bay, Queensland, Australia:
In a recent edition of the TV guide in the Brisbane Sunday Mail, there was a report on a meeting between all 5 programmers from the free to air TV stations. The programmers' views about the difficulty of trying to please everyone were the substance of the report:
"That discomfort is something Marena Manzoufas, head of programming at the ABC, witnessed recently following her decision to scrap the daytime screen of the Scottish soap Take the High Road.
"One viewer actually came into the ABC with flowers and a card saying 'I'm mourning the death of the program. I'm really sad to see it go, rest in peace Take the High Road,'" she says. Manzoufas accepts her actions have far-reaching consequences, and says that such decisions remain difficult.
"Our job means you play a role in people's lives, which is kind of heartwarming, but you still feel bad when you receive cards and flowers from someone mourning the death of a program."
It didn't stop her from axing it nor has she made any commitment to buy anymore episodes.
Elaine and Elaine - 10/07/04

This was a great series. Being English myself, I have a deep love of the UK, and the series showed Scotland at its best - the scenery was wonderful!
I remember when the show began in 1980. Maggie Ferguson was the village gossip and drove the local bus. She later married the hapless 'Sorry' Watson and the couple moved away, but the wonderful Mrs Mack and her sidekick, Mr Murdoch, were waiting in the wings to take over as resident scandal mongers!
Elizabeth Cunningham was the Lady Laird, lady of the manor, and lived at the big house with her daughter, Fiona. Ken Calder was, if I remember rightly, the gamekeeper, and the character was an alcoholic. His affair with estate secretary Lorna was doomed.
Then there was lovely Isobel Blair and her son Jimmy. Isobel's husband, Brian, was due for release from prison when the show began. He was played by Kenneth Watson, a Scottish actor who also played Northern Englishman Ralph Lancaster, a local nightclub owner, in Coronation Street.
I was so sorry when the show was stopped in England, but a Scottish friend sent me tapes of some shows after that, containing an innovative storyline about male breast cancer, the sufferer being Inverdorroch.
I shall always remember this splendid show fondly.
Andrew Brett - 17/06/04

Blow is what I was email from Scottish TV in regards to screening rights in Australia.
Dear Viewer,
Thank you for your e-mail.
High Road was being screened in Australia by the ABC channel, finishing very recently as they only purchased the rights to a certain number of episodes. Scottish TV hold the rights to the programme, however it is up to ABC as to whether they will continue to screen High Road on their channel.
Thank you for taking an interest in Scottish TV.
Therese Byrne
Viewer Enquiries
Phill - 19/06/04

For viewer that liked ‘Take the High Road’, in Australia, channel ‘Seven’ has requested people contact them if you wish to show support for the purchasing of the series/rights to be broadcasted.
Their email access is at,
Faithfully, Phill, Hobart. - 18/06/04

Hi there ... this is the latest response from the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). Sigh.
Date: 16 June 2004 4:19:48 PM
Thank you for your email and for passing on the petition [a copy of the Australian mail to the Peacock Productions site] concerning ‘Take the High Road’.
I am sorry you are disappointed that 'Take the High Road' is no longer showing on ABC Television. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the series will return in the near future.
ABC Television constantly assesses its programming to ensure that we are providing our audience with programming they require, and at times that are the most suitable.
I would like to assure you that the process of program evaluation also pays careful attention to what our audiences tell us directly, whether supportive or critical. Your comments have been noted and will play a part in this process.
I am sorry I could not provide better news on this occasion but I hope you find much else to enjoy on ABC Television during 2004.
Reynard Osmand
ABC Audience and Consumer Affairs
It was a quick response given the long weekend we had recently. PLEASE Australian fans ... go to the ABC website and fill in BOTH the feedback form and sign the guest book. If we keep hammering them, we might get somewhere.
Elaine and Elaine, Deception Bay, Queensland, Australia - 16/06/04

I have been watching Take the High Road on ABC TV back here in Australia and they have ceased showing the series and have left all us fans of the show up in the air and ABC TV have told us they won't be buying anymore of the series. Apparently thousands rang up and complained when the series ceased. It was the only show on TV my husband and I watched together and if we weren't home we taped it.
I think we were up to the 1993 series and when it ended Fiona had left Greg after she found out he was having an affair with Sam, Alun still hadn't got his memory back, Sheila had just broken up with Inverdarroch etc. Can you tell me what happens to Fiona, Greg and Sam, does Sheila get back with Eddie, does Alun get back with Isabel, does Inverdarroch finally get together with Morag, what happens to Davie Sneddon, does Joanna come back from Crete to Eric. We are going crazy not knowing!!!!!!
Hope you can help me with my questions
Rhonda Callaghan - 16/06/04

I have just received this reply from the ABC
Dear Ms Jones
Thank you for your email concerning 'Take the High Road'.
I am sorry you are disappointed that Take the High Road is no longer showing on ABC Television. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the series will return in the near future.
ABC Television constantly assesses its programming to ensure that we are providing our audience with programming they require, and at times that are the most suitable.
I would like to assure you that the process of program evaluation also pays careful attention to what our audiences tell us directly, whether supportive or critical. Your comments have been noted and will play a part in this process.
I am sorry I could not provide better news on this occasion but I hope you find much else to enjoy on ABC Television during 2004.
Kind regards
Camilla Bourke
ABC Audience and Consumer Affairs
Monica - 12/06/04

Take the high road is the one show that I really look forward to. Please bring it back NOW. Could you let us know.
Thanks Peter - 10/06/04

ABC TV Australia .. what are you thiking , taking TTHR off daytime TV.? There are thousands of viewers out here who love this charming well acted drama set in Scotland. It was such a pleasure to sit down every day and get lost in the village of Glendarroch. Please show your loyal fans some loyalty and return it to our screens.
Loyal abc viewer, Brisbane Qld 09/06/04

I've just read all the letters from the irate and sad lovers of TTHR usually on ABC TV Australia which has just been withdrawn from the air.... what the **** is going on at the ABC? Isn't it just typical, when we get a programme we're passionate about it's taken away? I am currently going through withdrawl, every day at 12.30 pm I want my 'fix' but I'm not getting anything that will satisfy like TTHR did! What a lovely programme - good acting, great backdrops, lovely accents, good scripts, no violence, no bad language, nothing too heavy but storylines you can get interested in..ABC TV THIS IS ANOTHER PLEA FROM ANOTHER FAN . . P L E A S E BRING BACK THE ONE PROGRAMME THAT HAS A UNIQUELY UNIVERSAL APPEAL.
Chris. Manly. Brisbane.Qld. Australia. - 10/06/04

Please ABC put this show back on! It is my one and only time during the day that I have half an hour to relax. My mum and I love the show and really want it back on in day time viewing.
Lynne - 09/06/04

I am completely dismayed at the decision of the ABC to discontinue Take the High Road in Australia. I have just discovered this site and find so many others share my view on this fantastic program. I started watching TTHR in July 2002 after having pneumonia as I was off work for 3 weeks. Since then I record it daily and sit down each week to watch a feast of my favourite program. Now what am I going to do?? Please everyone, contact the ABC in Australia and let them know your thoughts.
Sheryl - 08/06/04

Hi. We have emailed not only the ABC re their insensitive dropping of Take the High Road, but also Scottish TV in the hope of getting info which might at least answer the unanswered questions -- maybe videos or DVDs might be available. If so, will post the info on this site. Let's hope that lots more people complain.
Betty and Brian Meade
Victoria - 08/06/04

We to are followers of the High Road - or we were till we were chopped off in the middle of a series. What a cheek the ABC has - it we had been an ethnic miniority there would have been an outcry. We used to tape every episode if we were away, and had it whittled down to 23 mins to enable us to tape as many episodes as possible when away for around 4 weeks. Surely the ABC can spare 23 minutes a day to continue this programme.
I think we should stage a sit in in our local ABC stations till the reinstate this delightful programme. Where has Fiona gone? What is poor Davie Sneddon going to do without the dreaded Samantha. How is Greg going to cope? What of Isabel and Alan - will they get together. I can't sleep for wondering how all my friends in Take the High Road will solve their problems without me to give them advice from my armchair.
Meg McWhirter - 08/06/04

Hello, thanks for your website, which is a real treat to look through. I'm from Australia and I too, have to express my bitter disappointment at recently learning that Take the High Road was to be no more on the ABC. I am ticked off and I have let them know! It was definitley one of the better shows on TV. There has been just so much garbage on TV these past few years. It's been an overdose of reality shows, special effects, commercialisation and violence. It seems now days a good plot is not needed, just a bit of action and a good promo.
I loved Take The High Road for it's beautiful scenery, rich storylines and wonderful acting. It was just a great show all round and an absolute pleasure to watch. My only regret is that I didn't get to watch it on a daily basis - I woud have had to wag school otherwise!
It is real shame that it has been pulled off the air and reading this website I now know that I was not part of a minority that liked the show, but in fact a MAJORITY. I hope that the ABC wise up and bring it back. The fans can't even be comforted in the fact that they could watch the episodes on video or DVD, because as far as I can tell, they're not available in that format. [If they are, please let the world of fans know!!]
Kam L.
thanks - 08/06/04

This is a letter I sent to ABC.
I would like to know why ABC decided without consulting its audience to take "Take the High Road" off lunch time TV.
I have watched the show since it started and have never missed an episode. I don't think you realise but this show was one that people who are vertually housebound could watch every day to gain some pleasure from their day. It was something to break up the day between morning and afternoon while giving a great deal of pleasure at the same time.
You cut the program just when a lot of big issues were being dealt with it and it leaves everyone up in the air as to what might have happened. If the ABC really cares about its viewers - it should take time to find out just what makes them happy and for so many of us - it was Take the High Road. It was a gentle, everyday show without any violence or swearing and suited so many people who do not enjoy voilence etc.
Surely with all the money that is spent on pleasing other people especially in the area of sport, some money could be spent to give a little bit of pleasure to those who don't enjoy watching sport or watch much other TV at all. You could always stop showing "The Bill" during the day and put Take the High Road back on.
Monica - 08/06/04

Tuesday 8th June 2004. New South Wales. Australia'
Hi, I just wanted to let someone know how upset my husband and I were that TTHR was no longer being screened on our ABC each weekday. My husband is elderly and semi invalided and it was one of the very few pleasures he had each weekday to look forward to. I have been able to print off all the letters I found on the geocities site and can read them out to him just so he can know he was not the only one who loved that show as much as he did.
Thank you so very much for providing such a site for us.
Vonda Botham. - 08/06/04

Hello there from Tasmania, Australia.
I have never done this sort of thing before, but, having read the comments of other watchers of this terrific programme, I wish to voice my absolute distaste with the ABC for taking this down-to-earth show off the air. I too, stumbled on this show about a year ago and I looked forward to lunch each day with the family of wonderful actors who were just playing ordinary people and not the usual American, toothy, blonde ladies with big busts and low neck tops (in all seasons) with half a tube of lipstick on their lips every episode, with little, or no acting experience, leaving the screen with close-ups of an eye or mouth movement to hold our attention until the next episode. This was a life as it is, and to that end I am quite upset that we will not have further screenings of this show.
I only watch the ABC here in Hobart as it caters for my taste in programming, but seeing it is only screening a repeat of a show that has been shown before and is not all that interesting the second or even third time around, I will do whatever it takes to protest to the ABC about this loss.
Liz, - 06/06/04

I to am devastated that ABC have ceased showing TTHI last week in Australia. I depend on that 1/2 hr of escapism each day. I think we should all contact ABC via their complaints dept. With enough input they may bring it back
Jeanette Melbourne Australia - 06/06/04

This is a copy of an email that I have just sent this to the Australian Broadcasting Commission.
I am the mother carer of my 39 years of age daughter who has profound severe and multiple disabilities. Consequently my life is more often that not one of incredible effort tinged with isolation and sadness. One of the few pleasures in my life has been, being able to sit down at 12:30pm every weekday and "have lunch with my Scottish friends" (much to the amusement of my friends!). Last Friday the announcer said that it was the final epidode!!!! Not true there are 10 more years of episodes yet. This is the only time that the TV is on in the daytime. The show "makes" me sit down and have a breather. Please reconsider this decision
Dell - 06/06/04

Thank god for this site, because I thought I was the only person in Aus. addicted to this excellent show.. I discovered a few weeks ago what the despicable ABC were up to, and doubly cherished every last episode. How will I survive without my daily fix of the delicious Davie Sneddon ever again, let alone every other beloved character (well, I can live without Gary and his mates at least) We should get together a newsgroup or something, so we can survive this 'low road' together. And if anyone thinks I'll be watching 'something in the air' they'd be waiting along time!
annie xx -05/06/04

Well, I have just watched the last of "Take the High Road", here in Australia, and must also voice my disappointment at the ABC in seemingly giving the show the flick.
I, along with many other viewers no doubt, have been watching the show for quite a long time, and I thoroughly enjoyed the pleasurable viewing while actually relaxing and revolving my lunchtime around the programme. I enjoyed the beautiful Scottish scenery, the accents in their voices, and the light involvement with the characters as the storyline progressed.
I am not one to follow soapies what so ever, nor usually to voice my view in this manner, but this was an enjoyable show.
I for one, will not be force fed by the ABC's choice of preference for me to view, especially in learning that there are more episodes of the show that they have decided not to purchase. Therefore from Monday will be altering my midday routine to a new habit and not bothering to switch on mid-day TV at all.
M. Bauer -04/06/04

We are disappointed ABC TV Australia has prematurely ended episodes of Take The High Road. Anythinng you can do to encourage them to restore the programme would be appreciated. Is it possible to purchase remaining episodes on DVD or tape?
Many thanks for a great show
Victor & Janet Haines
Toowoomba Queensland - 04/06/04

The ABC has decided to cancel Take the High Road from tomorrow Friday 4th June. I have no idea why.
Does someone else know
Monica - 03/06/04

Tomorrow afternoon in Australia we will see the final episode of The High Road. So much is happening and I can't see how they will bring it to its closure. I would love to have seen Fiona and Greg resolve their problems as with Isobel and Alun. Can you tell me whether or not this programme is finished or still running - would just love to see it continue. I'm so sorry that it has ended for us in Australia. D. Svensson - 03/06/04

My lifeline, Take the High Road, is abut to be aired for the last time on Australian TV tomorrow 04/06/04. There are years of episodes still to watch.(Fiona Ryder has just tried to commit suicide) Why can't we have more of this terrific programme. No doubt it will be replaced with a load of gumph. My days will NEVER be the same. I feel bereft.
Ellie - 03/06/04

"ABC TV Australia has no plans to purchase any more episodes of Take the High Road. However feedback is sent on to the programmers so ... if enough people email them, they might re-consider and buy the remaining 10 year's worth of episodes. The address to get direct to someone with influence is: and the person who wrote to me is: Anna Uszko ABC Audience and Consumer Affairs. Please would every Australian reader of these pages who wants to see more of Take the High Road, email to them without delay. Thanks! Regards from Elaine and Elaine in Brisbane, Australia"
Thank you for the wonderful website; there is little information available except for the IMDb which is fine but impersonal.
Elaine and Elaine in Brisbane, Australia - 03/06/04

Whoops, just sent off a note re pulling of High Road from ABC Australia:
We've met a few of the actors in other places -
Joanna (Tamara Kennedy) - once each in Monarch of the Glen (series 5) and Taggart;
Duncan (Roy Donachie) - once in Monarch of the Glen (series 5) - he's Lexie's father;
Isabel (Eileen McCallum) - once in Monarch of the Glen (series 5) - same episode as Duncan; the IMDb has some more details for her and for some of the other actors.
Elaine - 31/05/04

Monday 31st May 2004: we've just discovered that the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) has pulled 'Take the High Road' and it will end this Friday. :-(((
It's been running Mon to Fri at 12.30pm for a couple of years now. Naturally we LOVE it and have become High Road addicts, like so many who commented on this website, tape episodes we would otherwise miss. Equally naturally we'd love to purchase DVD/tapes of the next 10 year's stories - we may face heart attacks when we find out how much it would all cost - but so far I've not found anywhere to buy them from if, indeed, any were ever made.
I've sent positive feedback to the ABC twice now and another to-day expressing our disappointment at it's ending.
One respondant on this site wanted to know what happend at the end - I read somewhere on the 'net - NOT the IMdB but a similar site - that it finished in limbo with the 'evil Victor Spinetti wanting to turn the big house into a Casino'. Since we know nothing of what happened since mid-1993 to April 2003 when it finished, even guessing who the evil man is, is impossible. There's four more days to go and to-day Fiona finds out Greg has been cheating her with Sam; Sheila wants to break it off with Tom; Alan doesn't want to remember Eileen. Grooaannn, we know it's only a story but what a story! Gorgeous scenery, soft Highland accents, believable characters. Oh dear.
I hope that everyone who cares will write to the ABC (form on their website: ( and let them know in no uncertain terms how they feel.
The ABC are replacing it with re-runs of an Australian soapy 'Something in the Air' which is nice enough in itself but hardly a worthy replacement for 10 year's worth of episodes of 'Take the High Road'.
A fan club? That'd be great! I did spot one when last I searched, but the information was years old and it was a snail address in London; I did not follow it up.
Elaine de Saxe and Elaine Ross in Brisbane, Australia - 31/05/04

I really enjoy this show which is shown on Australian ABC. If I am going to be out I make sure I tape it. It's fast moving and the stories and situations are entirely plausible. What a shame it is no longer produced, but we have enough episodes left to view if the ABC continue to show it. Question: PC Malcolm Kirk I think is played by Graeme Robertson - is this the same actor who plays Robbie in Taggart?
Jenny - 27/05/04

Hi I have been watching High Road for the last three years and just love it. I arrange my day so that I am home to watch it.
When I am at my daughters in Perth - my husband records every day for me so that I have about two weeks to watch when I come home
Monica - 24/05/04

Hi, I live in melbourne australia, and would not miss an episode of this fantastic show
so many items are dealt with in a thoughtful and fast moving way. love davie sneddon loave them all.
henrietta - 16/05/04

I would like to let you know that I just love the show 'Take the High Road'
I found the show on T.V in 2003 & just hate to miss an episode. I hope that the A.B.C will keep running it for a long time to come.
Margaret Hinchliffe - 13/03/04

We are from Brisbane in Queensland. My husbands parents used to watch the High Road regularly when they were alive. We are continuing the tradition and if we are away we tape all the episodes. I do hope it continues on the ABC but would really like 1 hour so that we could possibly catch up a bit.
Meg and Bill McWhirter 06/03/04

Greetings from regional New South Wales, Australia. During this non-ratings season, my husband and I have been fortunate enough to stumble across "Take the High Road".
We have become quite fond of this series and would like to form a fan club if there isn't one already. Unfortunately, we are only seeing episodes dated from the early 1990's. Hopefully we will get to see some current episodes soon. Definitely worth writing to the family about in Southern Italy.
Billy and Mabs - 09/01/04

We are indeed privileged here in Australia, for the present, as we have a daily viewing of The High Road - and love it. It started with a 1990 episode and has progressed from there. If ever a DVD or Video is made of the series we would love to have a copy. In 1999 my husband (who is originally from Scotland - having spent 7 years in the Dean Orphanage in Edinburgh) and I went to Scotland and passed through Luss. I bought a magnet for the fridge there with Glendarroch on it - little realising that we would be looking at the Road - I just loved the area and can relate to the beautiful scenery as we watch every day. If we are not at home we always tape it to watch when we get back.
We hope we have a long session of it here in Oz!
Una and Tom Turner - 19/12/03

P.S. to my email we have just seen the episode where Mary has died. I now feel awful, your series certaily takes on board to issues of our society and handles them in a way that allows people to feel right about their behaviou and grief. Well done.
Rosalyn Bemrose - 16/12/03

HIGH ROAD STILL ON UTV ulster tv can be seen on sky digital if u tune in
Ian - 13/12/03

We have discovered the programme for some months now and try to video episodes if we are out as it is on in the middle of the day in Australia.
We have noticed also that the series is dated 1991 but still enjoy the stories never the less. We have visited the village of Luss all three visits to Scotland as my father spent part of his childhood there. He had a fond ness of skimming rocks across the water and we are waiting for Duncan or Gordon to do the same. We plan to visit again in June next year.
Would love to meet some of the cast if they are on Location. We guess Mary is quite a young lady by now.
Cheers for now,
Rosalyn Bemrose - 11/12/03

is the prog still running in scotland i got alll the region itv1 stations on sky dish
Ian - 06/12/03

We came across this great series quite by accident, as it screens in the middle of the day on ABC TV Australia. We are really hooked on it, tape it every day & watch it at night. It is a superb show - believable, great scripts, great characters & acting. It leaves everything for dead on Australian TV, let alone anything from America. I note that we are about 12 years behind as the series we watch is dated 1991. We hope that it never disappears from Australian TV.
John & Joy Woodbury - 14/11/03

I enjoyed this series so much I would love to have a video, has anyone recorded an episode that I could buy?
Joise - 23/10/03

Just found your site and have read comments on this site by other fans whose TV region pulled the show years ago. I live in Bedfordshire so that's Anglia TV and I too lost my favourite programme many years ago. I loved it. I was addicted to it. I couldn't believe a TV company could be so cruel to people who'd followed something for years. I have never followed another soap or series avidly. It must be - well, I can only guess - perhaps 7 to 10 years since it was scrapped and I STILL think about it and wonder what is happening to all my favourite characters.
Diana - 24/09/03

I am from the Detroit area and enjoyed "Take the High Road" on the local Windsor CBC station. I must have taped every episode, I am really hoping, I will be able to enjoy that soap once again. It took me away to a wonderful place for the time it was aired. Please keep me informed.
Teresa - 11/03/03

Hello, we are from the Detroit area and we used to watch "Road" on the local (Windsor, Ontario) TV station. We have really missed seeing show, and we are glad to hear it's back in production. Do you have plans to show it in Canada?
"Anne" and friends - 04/01/03

We are from Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. Take the High Road screened on our ABC - TV, this year. My husband and I just love it. It is so well acted and so believable. We look forward to each day's episode. I hope it continues - it is such an enjoyable program and the characters and their lives have become a part of our lives. My greatest wish for Take the High Road and its characters is `Lang may yer lum reek'. Thanks to all, for such fine and delightful entertainment.
Roy and Doreen Hayward - 11/12/02

When are we going to see High Road back. Every Thursday i buy the TV Times and go straight to Friday to see if it has been put back on. But alas NO. We were stopped our episodes in the Midlands just as Sneddon got run over by the tractor, how cruel we don't know if he lived or died!
Please,please please can we have High Road back soon.
Mrs K Berridge - 25/10/02

Every week I look through the programmes for the week to see if 'High Road' is back. Today I checked your website and I am devasted to find that it looks as if it is not going to be screened in the midlands anymore. For years this has been my favourite programme and brings back happy memories of holidays in the Highlands when our children were small. The characters were so believable, will we ever get it back? PLEASE!
Pat - 24/10/02

help I need to know what happened to davey Carlton decided in there wisdom to take high road off during a story line and his life hung in the balance what happened at the end.
Pat Shannon - 23/10/02

I have a great deal of sympathy with the Carlton viewers. I live in the North East and our local TV pulled the plug on High Road some years ago in the middle of a story line.
Marion - 20/10/02

Since Carlton have take High Road off the air due to lack of viewers, I presume its replacement The Psychic Show will hopefully suffer the same fate since it is a lot less entertaining than its predecessor.
Mrs I J Ward - 03/10/02

I'm from the USA and I quite enjoyed the series "High Road," and now we no longer receive episodes here, and/but I cannot seem to find any info anywhere except your page. I'd like to know more about the actress that played Menna Morgan (the actress Manon Jones I believe). Any help? Any more High Road info?
Thank you, Sarah Sternberg - 11/09/02

When will Take the High Road be back on ITV Carlton?
Audrey - 22/07/02

In its wisdom, our local TV station, Carlton, has decided to discontinue screening High Road in the midst of its run without any explanations or updates on the plot. I would really like to know if this soap is still being made in Scotland and whether you can provide an update on the plot, or know someone who can.
Thanks in advance,
Mrs H Hooper - 23/07/02

Note from uk_soaps
We have contacted Carlton Television and they have given their response:
Update for Carlton viewers.
We've had a number of e-mails regarding the continuation of the programme on Carlton on ITV1, they have sent this official reply.

We are sorry you are disappointed but as a commercial company we depend upon the advertising revenue to make or buy programmes. If a programme is underperforming, i.e. not attracting a high audience, then advertisers do not want to advertise around that programme. We then have to try another programme in that slot with the intention of drawing a larger audience to encourage the advertisers to purchase the airtime.
I hope this clarifies the situation for you.

Remember this is for the Carlton area only.
Richard 26/07/02

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