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Vialliz Page
These are my new mates, u may know them, well thats me on the left, above is veron, caniggia and the legend maradona and below is the ruud boy himself nistelrooy. Nistelrooy has got his fist ready for me gilchrist cos i spiked his drink and the boys above are happy to c me as u can c. u ask me how i met these boyz. well u know my top buddy alex signed veron and nistelrooy, and at 2 am in the morning i got a call from alex and he giz it "i got some boyz coming over and u wanna show them around plz plz and im sorry for wakin ya, thanx for telling ur top mate maradona for persuading veron to sign 4 us and finally ive ran out i got 7, sort us out with some white widdow". me nistelrooy and veron just spas now. ive just been showing them around bradford. they enjoyed the action especially the action at night, not the pros i mean the riots, they feel this culture (riots) is very amazing. got to jet verons on the phone, he wants to go shopping and guess where im taking him nettos init. latas
this is my smelly nelly page. it took 10 mins to be created as u lot masterbated. hopefully im not boring u just go to the bottom of the page to check me and my new mates.
pics of boys and 1 weirdo
some other smelly web sites u can check out
photo express
pics@alton towers
bradford bullz championz after Xplosionz 2000/2001
the ruud boy seems to have vanished, im trying ma breastest to bring him back, while hez not there use ur imagination yeah
wot da fooest team
da day gala made history
alton towers part2
Tunisia Holiday picz

To your right is a glimpe of what is to come. Click on the image to see it in full size. Thats me and big boy smiffy jones.
it is believed take off will commence at 1705 on wednesday the 12th of july 2006