Netscape color palette
You must be using a browser that supports client side image maps. Furthermore, the browser must support Javascript, and it must be enabled. Move mouse pointer over any color in the palette above to display its value in hexadecimal, decimal, and percantage amounts.

HTML color values
Here is a convenient list of color names and their associated values. These are sorted by color groups. Want to know how one color font will look on a different colored background? Just click on the button on the far right in each row to change the background color.

3Dreams for Webmasters
Welcome to 3Dream. As you have probably guessed by now, this site is dedicated to the 3D and Web Graphic design community. if you are a designer I hope that this site may be of good use to you as it will be expanding over the coming months.

Webmonkey Resources
Great libraries Scripting languages for building a nice Website. Good for all interested in Web programming and online tutorials.

Search 42 Engines
This JavaScript search engine saves your time by enabaling you to search 42 Search Engines online in an easy click and go way.

Color chart numbers
The Color Chart Pickers are first. I have two of them for you to choose from : below that is a tutorial on making bordered backgrounds and getting rid of the box around yYour iImages. Thirdly, there's a tutorial for Webtv and AOL Users to save Backgrounds.

321 Webmaster
Webmaster Resource Portal offers one of the largest directories of free webmaster resources, free web hosting, free site tools, and even free e-mail. Be sure to check with us throughout the day, as we're constantly adding new resources. Click here to add the TOP 10 Resources to your site for free.

FlamingText 3D fonts
Click on the image style that you like. Once you click on the styles, you will be given a page where you can modify the parameters of the image that you would like to generate. The most important is the "Text String". You should change this to be the text that you would like to generate.

Netpedia free graphics
The European Computer Manfacturers Association ECMA announced the adoption of a standard internet scripting language formally known as ECMA-262 ECMAScript in June 1998. This specification was picked up by Microsoft, Netscape, and several other industry leaders. The language is based on Javascript 1.1 and major browser venders have pledged to abide by the ECMA-262 specification.

Submit your site free
Use Submit Free to submit your web site to 28 popular search engines for free or use Submit PRO our superior service where we submit your web site to the 300 major search engines for you while you sit back and relax. Click here to check out Submit PRO.

WhoIs free URL search
How to register your FreeURL™ domain name. Select the most appropriate domain from the drop down boxes above; enter a keyword, name or phrase into any box www, subdomain or path and click search. This will become your shorter and more meaningful permanent web address that redirects your site visitors to your hosted web pages.

Webmaster tools central
Over 1300 Webmaster tools to help build, promote, improve and maintain websites. Web templates designed for webmasters, business, e-commerce and specialty portal applications. A stunning collection of visually impressive multi-media, navigation, animation, text, and utility applets, all with free versions and immediate downloads. Complete kits, with demos and documentation.

Color Palettes
Feel free to use these color palettes in your charts. Just copy the CDL ColorTable parameter below the swatch you like, and paste it into your CDL code. The definitions are arranged so that they will wrap pleasingly in charts. That is the first and last values look good together.


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