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Photo by Richard E. Aaron/Thunde

This website is dedicated especially to the greatest band in the 90´s. I was thinking:
They gave us a lot of great, cool, happy and funny music, So now it is time for us to give
something back as fans - to show them how much we appreciate the music and to keep UKJ alive in our hearts.

Please sign my guestbook, Thanks!

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Last update: September 6, 2004


Roger Lahr is back in the studio with Moxie to record another demo.

Dave Fortman is busy at his studio Balance Productions, producing cd's for bands like: Superjoint Ritual and many others

Shannon Larkin has left Amen, for pursuing his career with hardrockers Godsmack

Whitfield Crane has teamed up with John Hodson (Ex. Faith No more), and are currently working on some new material.

Please contact me if you  have any questions, comments or any ideas for this webside.

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