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Welcome to the United Kingdom of       flame012.gif (4179 bytes) Nautica!                                          

The whole United Kingdom of Nautica bids you greetings! We hope that you will find all the information that you seek. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to receive further information that is not available in this site.

The United Kingdom of Nautican is an independent micronation located in the vast territory of cyberspace. For the time being the Royal Family and the ministries of the Empire are residing in the Dominican Republic.

The form of government of the United Kingdom of Nautica is an Absolute Monarchy which is governed by His Imperial Royal Majesty. Read through our site so you can see how our glorious Empire is set up.

The present Emperor of the United Kingdom of Nautica is His Imperial Royal Majesty, Emperor Leonel II. The Royal Family's surname is Naut.


The United Kingdom of Nautica electronic correspondence is: