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This web site has been built by an enthusiastic amateur called Larry, who hopes that he can come up with a system that will return around 30% pa from a well structured and mechanistic trading system so he can give up work and concentrate on the important things in life.

As I am resident in the UK, I am researching trading derivatives, hence the website name "UK Options".

Options on major UK shares are traded on an exchange known as LIFFE, and they have a website with the same name.

I'd like to make the results of my system's trades publicly accessible on a Yahoo portfolio, but I need to research this, as I'm afraid the site might not quote UK options (altho the US version [] does quote US options).

I' m always keen to hear from people who either have ideas of their own that they want to discuss, or from people who, like me, wonder if working in a standard job is the best way they can contribute to humanity - and who dream of doing better, more socially constructive, things with their time.

(Maybe I should think about putting some links to "social entrepreneurs" too, so you can see the whole host of things that need to be done, once you have broken the chains of wage-slavery.)

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I'll keep your e-mail address on file for when I launch the e-mail newsletter that will keep you posted of developments.
If this system works, you will have time to just stand and stare.
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