Vehicles produced by R.A. Listers
This is a website which with help may provide imformation on Works type trucks which were made by R.A. Lister of Dursley in Gloucestershire.

Listers are well known for producing Engines from 1909 & still are but known now as Lister - Petter.
Not so well known by some is that R.A. Listers also made agricultural tractors called the Lister Goldstar in the 1960s. Details of these will hopfully be added at a later date
I intend show details of the three wheeled Autotrucks which were made from 1926 until 1973 of which 80,000 were produced in Petrol,Diesel & Battery power.

Also a Link to another website of mine to cover the Lister 4D range of industrial trucks which were a 4 wheeled type of machine which a more powerful engine & greater towing capacity.
A picture taken just after a major fire at the Dursley factory in 1983
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