Wozniak ~ Sporniak Family Page
    The Wedding of Demko Wozniak and Zofia Sporniak
     Paul - 1917
This is my first attempt to document my family, starting with my Ukrainian/Ruthenian roots and the grandmother I never knew.  I recently learned that I may have relatives in Chervonohrad, Lvivska Oblast, but have not been able to locate them - maybe this will help!  If anyone has information, please email at - zofiaspast2@aol.com
                       Wozniak, Sporniak, Kyrychuk, Lesniak, Wolanyk, Bil (Bill), Cepko, Kichan
                      Zieja, Mruz (Mroz), Szymcuch

Demko          Born - December 13, 1892          Died June 7, 1983
                          Parents - Michail Wozniak, Anastasia Kyrychuk

My Grandfather was born in Galicia and traveled from Smarzow to Canada in 1912 to work on the railroad in White River. He came to the US in 1913, crossing over at  Sault Ste Marie, MI. He went to Donora & McKeesport, PA. He married my Grandmother in 1914. They lived in McKeesport on Jerome St. One son, name unknown, died before he was a year old.. The second son, Paul, was born in 1916, baptism was at St. John the Baptist, Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in McKeesport. Godparents were Maximilian Peryak and Barbara (Orenak) Lesniak (of McKeesport).

My Grandfather lost Zofia in the influenza outbreak (1917-18) and eventually went on to marry two more times. He went to Hamtramck, Michigan, worked at the auto factory, and lived there for the rest of his life. He remarried Melania Lesniak (Bil, Bill) in 1920 and had a daughter. He never saw his familly again, so typical of the times.

I recently learned his father, Michail died around 1930.  One of his sisters was sent to Siberia for a very long time, I have no names.  More to come.....
Zofia            Born - 1894           Died - 1917 or 1918
                         Parents - Katarryna Sporniak, Father's name unknown

My Grandmother was born in Krasna. The 1787 Austrian Cadastral Records trace her family name to St. Michaels Greek Catholic Church in Krasna. She sailed out of Antwerp, Belgium on the Vaderland and arrived at Ellis Island on April 1, 1914.  She traveled with her cousin, Warwara Cepko (spelled Cepho sometimes) and her 2 children, Tymko and Anastasya. They joined her sister's husband,Iwan (Ivan?) Cepko, who lived on Ridge St. in McKeesport, PA.

It was always rumored that my Grandmother had no other family but according to the EIDB there were Sporniaks who came to McKeesport between 1895 - 1916.  She did have a cousin, Katherine, who later married Adam Kichan and resided in Hamtramck, Michigan. 

Zofia died during the influenza outbreak, after a relapse, exact date and grave are unknown.
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