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Welcome to the Maritime Home Page of Steve Harris. Within this site I have put together some pictures and facts about the commercial maritime world, within which I have worked for over 30 years. Based in the United Kingdom, I am currently a Senior Vice President in the Marine Division of a large international insurance broking firm, after having spent nearly 20 years as a marine underwriter at Lloyd's and in the London company market.
Visitors to this website come from all over the world (as you can see by visiting our RECENT VISITORS PAGE. ). The maritime information provided within this site is often used as a reference guide by people in governments and at academic institutions, such as:-
Tromsų University College, Norway
Yale University, Connecticut, USA
Plymouth University, England.
St. John's Marine Institute, Newfoundland, Canada
University of Orebro, Sweden
Duke University, Durham, North Carolina USA
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA
University of Istanbul, Turkey
Nottingham University, England
U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Washington DC
California Inst. of Technology, Pasadena, Ca. USA
Suny Maritime College, New York USA
U.S. Navy (Dept. of Defense), Newport, Rhode Island
University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida USA
U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland USA

Four times a year, we run 5 day marine insurance courses in Norwich, England (and recently, 3 day courses in Singapore, India, Tokyo and Chicago too) covering the way the shipping world operates today, their vessels and insurance issues. Delegates include shipowners, financiers, underwriters, P&I clubs and brokers. CLICK HERE to see the latest brochure for the courses we run in the U.K.
If you want an example of why these courses are so popular and so necessary please CLICK HERE

The world's press and other media often delight in making the maritime industry out to be full of rogues and villains. The reality is that the vast majority of those involved in shipping are highly professional, having to work in a very dangerous industry, where seamen risk their lives daily, battling against both natural elements and human failings. According to the United Nations, working at sea is still one of the world's 5 most dangerous occupations. Maritime vessels (large and small) have dominated my working life, and by clicking on one of the portholes below, you may learn something about the maritime industry (on which, incidentally, we all depend) and its problems.
If you would like to see live webcams, showing ports around the world, then click on the button on the left, to visit Steve's Webcam pages which link to live webcams as far apart as New Zealand to Greenland, from Tierra Del Fuego to the Shetland Islands, whatever time of day it is.
Below are links to aspects of the maritime world that seem to take up so much of my life. To navigate around this site, please click on any of the portholes below that take your interest. Thanks for visiting us.






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