We are returning overseas after less than one year in the UK. All of the items we have for sale were purchased new during this time, except for the car and the desk. All items will be available around 9 June, 2002. The prices listed below are what we are asking for each item. However, as we get closer to 9 June, we will be accepting best offers on all items for sale. Click on the link below which you are interested in:

Item Price
1998 Ford Mondeo 5500
Colour TV 125
Clothes Tumble Dryer 90
Coffee Grinder 5
Silver Ware 1
Large King Size Bed 50
2 Outdoor Trash cans 4
Cordless Phone 50
CD Player / Radio and Cassette Player 15
Portable CD Player 30
Mobile Phone 25
Visor Prism Cradle/Recharger 20
Desk Light 2
2 Wire Bins 5
Desk Chair 70
Desk 10
2 Power Strips 12
Used Tiny 17" Monitor 70
Lexmark Colour Printer 14
Ink Cartridges for the Printer 15 each
Computer Speakers 10