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Class of 2002
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Welcome to I.C.'s Class of 2002 website!  I made this so that everyone could keep in touch or just see the latest info on other classmates.  If you have photos or anything to add, go to the guestbook. I'm sorry for the'll rock in a couple weeks!
Class of 2002
Nazar Andeikiv
Larissa Dub
Stephan Woloszczuk
Andrew Kuszczak
Andrij Lawrin
Andrew Melymuka
Kate Jarosz
Jason Prior
Yuri Fedorak
Alexis Sharon
Rebecca Powell
Natalia Figacz
Mykola Kindratyshyn
Anna Sciacca
Cathie Nowaczok
Steve Pullis
Melissa Luberti
Larissa Popa
Amanda Dziurman
Tanya Laska
Oleg Zmiyov(audit)
Josep Petriw(audit)
Anya Khromey (audit)
     High School Memories
1. Becky's Homecoming Party w/ Jason and the pumpkins.
2. Ahhh...Jason and Andrew...Get out! Get out!
3. Mr. Irwin
4. "I saw your handson it, and your hands on it, and..."
5. TP-ing Nazar's house every weekend!
6. "Im-peach-ment! Im-peach-ment!"
7. Dub's Parties
8. Demolishing Stephan's house and the gang rapes at during our free hour...and the water fight!
Schedule of Upcoming Events

Sunflower Festival
8/17 Lexi's Party
September - May
Freshman Year of College
10/12 I.C. Homecoming
1/11/03 Boston Malanka
1/18 or 1/25 Detroit Malanka
3/1/03 Cleveland Zabava
August/September Birthdays
Larissa Dub
Anna Sciacca
Andrew Kuszczak
(i'm sorry if i forgot anyone!)
College Links:
Oakland University
Wayne State Universtiy
Central Michigan University
Grand Valley University
Macomb Community College
The Marines
The Navy
I.C. High School Website
Other Class Links:
Pics (5)
Email Addresses (4)
I.C. Sports
13-Kyrin Detroit
President: Larissa Popa
Vice President: Tanya Laska
Treasurer: Kate Jarosz
Secretary: Cathie Nowaczok
Male Rep: Mykola Kindratyshyn
Female Rep: Natalia Figasz
2001-2002 Homcoming Queen: Larissa Dub
2002 Prom Queen:
Amanda Dzuirman
School Colors: White/Blue
School Mascot: Bengal
Monthly Hang-Out Date: August 17, 2002
2001-2002 Homecoming King: Andrij Lawrin
2002 Prom King: Andrew Melymuka
I.C. Sports info will be ready in early September.
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