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L'Afrique's Viewpoint is meant to inform you, while giving you a sneak preview of L'Afrique. Although some of the articles will appear very personal, they were however documented because the incidents are not isolated. Therefore, one may freely substitute one's name where author's appear or one's country/nation or continent where appropriate.

Before documenting accounts as they occurred, I first took time to attempt to prevent further deterioration of matters (a factor I consider of great importance). As you will discover, I make no exaggeration. It is my hope that as you go through my articles, you will be strengthened, be inspired and be courageous in whatever reasonable actions you are compelled to take.

It has occurred to me that some people will choose to discredit my factual accounts, while others, upon reading, will attempt to make inferences that were never intended. I hereby advise that whenever in confusion, just re-read the entire text and possible links for better comprehension.

Earlier I mentioned a factor of great importance: It is my belief that before one goes public with an issue, one ought to somehow show that one first attempted proper procedures. I emphasize this point because I have often been amazed at protested issues that were never first presented to the proper authorities. You will be surprised to find that several of the issues people often protest about their national or host governments are actually permitted by those governments. Thus, before you protest, first take time to, at least, read what the laws of a land say about a protested issue(s). If the laws of a land okays a protested issue and the majority do not consent, and not for power display but because the law in quest unnecessarily burdens the nationals or inhabitants, then find out what the land's laws say about amending. No, no, no. Laws are meant to be understood. Except for a few legal lingoes, you will discover that the Field of Law is one of the very few Fields of Study where commonsense is directly proportional to justice.

By the way, about "animal-human hybrid", please do leave junior alone. I, too, made the same comment when I thumbed through "Cousins" by Dunbar and Barrett.

L'Afrique's articles in L'Afrique's Viewpoint are true copies. Various versions with intentional oops were formulated to protect originality. Now, go read and be informed. While "knowledge is power", knowledge + commonsense equals an unbeatable force, and distorted knowledge is damnation.

Respectfully, L'Afrique
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