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**WELCOME** the page is not about me, im not important. Im a nobody. Isa akong buntng hininga ng lipunan. Its not about anybody, it does not have a particular theme. I write whatever is in my head. Things that my friends share. Its free because i dont have the money to buy my own domain. Its not updated regularly because im busy hundting for food. ^_^

Goodbye UVERSE! Hello MNK again???

hahaha! here i go again. Moving on in another complany. will tell you more as soon as i get time to update my site. .


Sorry guys, I know its been awhile since i updated this site, ang tagal ko na ring walang bagong article. Medyo naging busy langa ko but hopefuly mabigyan ko na sya ng time ngayun. For yur articles na pinadala nyo, pls bare with me coz m still workin on them. Hopefuly ma post ko na sila soon. Just message me for yur comments and suggestions.


Sorry you guys, Im using OPERA browser to edit my site.. it kinda works differently lalo na sa pictures.. Kaya mejo sira yung gallery.. :D

MeN, wOmeN, lOvE AnD SeX
LoVE nAnAmaN??
ToP 10 fLirTinG tIpS

bAkIt MaHilIg 2mIngIn sA bOObs aNG mgA LalaKI?
onE-niGHt-StaND etiQueTtE FOR THE BOYS - be the casual-sex casanova
WhAt dO wE HavE hErE??
Goodbye Peoplesuuport
iMp0rTanT StuFf kiDs taUghT mE
aNg MgA nAtUtUnaN kO KaY iNaY aT ItaY
sTupId QueStiOnS; StuPiD AnswErS
AkO, aNg pAgsuSulAt at AnG BaLoT
sUmM3r 101From sails to tackles to doing it deeper--here's everything you'll ever need to know about getting totally wet -- and not drowning in the process.
the p0eT iN m3s0m3 0f th3 po3ms i madE - enjoy!!
aNg CaRto0nSby: Con-Con Romero
STC IN PAMPANGAnov 22 villa alfredo's in pampanga
U aSkEd, i aNsWerEd
SaY CheEzZe
oh no! its GESIE

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"There are three stages to sex in a person's life: Tri Weekly, Try Weekly, and Try Weakly."

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