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The story of the season:

This season did not go as planned. After an encouraging age-group season in 2002, I tried for a little more in 2003. I got a pro license, printed up some outfits, put logos on my bike, and hit the roads as soon as the snow melted. I made sure not to train over-ambitiously, and I stretched my calves and iced my knees dilligently. I would have been happy to go just a few seconds faster than I did in 2002, but instead I got hurt, slumped, and never recovered. Having a pro license makes it really embarassing when you get your butt kicked...


  • achilles tendinitis (April) -- On vacation in Mexico I got sick and stressed out and ran without stretching enough. This is a hard injury to heal without taking many weeks off. Running in the water got really really boring.
  • smashed hand from bike crash (late May)
  • sick for 2 weeks (June)

I'm listing the setbacks before the high notes because that's what comes to mind first. I worked at running as much as I could, but it never came together. No amount of running in the pool seemed to get me in shape. By September I realized that I just wasn't going to get in shape before the end of the season, and I called it quits.

High Notes:

  • Since I couldn't run I focused on the bike and it paid off. I usually managed the fastest bike split.
  • One triathlon win that I earned by going like mad on the bike and then hanging on for the run.
  • I had my best ever Martha's Vineyard 20-miler in Feb(before the big setbacks). The extra quad strength from triathlon helped on snow and ice.
  • Sponsorships: The support of my sponsors made this attempt at a hard pro season possible. I owe them some results, and I hope they can wait until next year.

Perhaps I should not have trusted my old legs to stay healthy through a hard season of training and racing. Perhaps an injury-free 2002 was just a fluke. Maybe rearranging one's life around competitive racing carries a high risk of failure and frustration, and I shouldn't be too surprised. The real question is 'what can I learn from this and apply to 2004.' Perhaps I'm going to have to demote myself to a regular triathlon guy, but maybe that's not so bad.


2003 Results
Race name Date Location Distance(s) Results Comment
Martha's Vineyard 20-miler (shortened due to ice and snow) 2/15 Vineyard Haven, MA 17.9 20th fun
Sheraton Hyannis 10k 2/23 Hyannis, MA 6.2 6th tough
River Dogs Half Marathon 3/8 Woods Hole, MA 13.1 9th tired
Seagull Six Road Race 4/6 Woods Hole, MA 5.76 3rd 33:27
Duathlon in the Dunes (biked on men's relay team) 5/10 RI 3-14-2 4th relay only
US Coast Guard Air Station Duathlon 5/24 Otis Air Force Base 2-12-2 18th sick
Hyannis Spring Triathlon (swim changed to beach run) 6/14 Craigville Beach 0.25-12-3.5 dnf! can't run in sand with bad achilles...
Fairlee Great Triathlon 7/13 Fairlee, VT 0.5-28-5 10th
Falmouth Sprint Triathlon 7/26 Falmouth, MA 0.25-8-3.1 3rd won this last year
Bikeworks Time Trial Series race #7 8/1 Rehoboth, MA 6 1st always fun to wn
Silent Springs Institute Triathlon 8/7 Milton, MA 0.3-17-3 1st bike fast, run scared
Timberman Half-Ironman Triathlon 8/17 Guilford, MH 1.2-56-13.1 25th ack!
Cranberry Country Triathlon 8/24 Lakeville, MA 0.8-25-6.2 18th argh!
*** Rest of season called off due to lack of fitness! ***
Maine Sports Triathlon 8/31 Camden, ME 0.3-26-6.5
Lobsterman Triathlon 9/7 Freeport, ME 1.2-25-6.2
Duxbury Beach Triathlon 9/21 Duxbury, MA
Run for Self Reliance 10K Waquoit, MA 6.2
Cape Cod Marathon Falmouth, MA 26.2
Fall Ironman or other endurance event? ? ? ?
Odyssey Adventure Racing Off-road Iron Triathlon 9/21 VA 2.4-112-26.2

These are my sponsors for 2003. (logo is link.) I will be racing with the WHEELWORKS MULTISPORT team.

For more info see sponsor info page.

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